Friday, December 23, 2016

....The weather outside is .....

..... Ridiculous !!!

When I last posted on Thursday, the 15th the high temp for that day was 36° with a low of 28°. 


Then on Saturday it got up to 76°!

WTF ??? I had to turn the a/c back on while cooking as I was melting into a puddle on the kitchen floor !! I sure HOPE that flu shot I got last week works cause this weather ?!#%!!!

Our boys (aka The RiverKings) traveled Friday to Knoxville for a weekend series against the Ice Bears.  Well, while the bears were ferocious, the Kings were the champions! 

Friday night, with Brad Barone in net the boys took the win 6-4. It was a rather slow, boring game, but hey, a win is a win!

 Saturday night's game was a VERY PHYSICAL game.

Peter was awesome (as usual) in net stopping 29 of 32 shots giving the Kings a 4-3 win!

Two of out guys were hurt during boarding incidents.  Brant Sherwood had his shoulder popped out of place and Dillan Fox got a separated collar bone... OUCH... while Sherwood will likely be back in a game or two, Fox will probably be on IR for a few games ... and with both guys having 38 combined points for the season, we are going to miss their offensive play on the ice.

With the weekend series win it puts us into second place, just 3 points behind the league leader, The Macon Mayhem and with the mid season fast approaching we are in a great spot !!!

I have been stitching a bit, but haven't completed anything cross stitch related.  I'm working on my 272 Words by Primrose Needleworks, Midnight Brew by Autumn Lane and Twisted Band Sampler by Northern Expressions, but other than completing the moon on MB in glow in the dark thread, don't have much to show.
But I DID make a "peek-a-boo" project bag. 
Its a little rough and I learned a lot of things playing around with it....
While digging around in my plastic totes for fabric I found a ziplock with 2 projects I have had for around 15 years and totally forgot about !!! I know I bought them at Stitching Post in Nashville when I was visiting a friend that used to live there ... and I believe it was in 2001! 
The 1st one Candy Cane Christmas by Sebby's Designs also with a $19.90 pack of buttons! The 2nd is Deck the Halls by Bent Creek along with a $20.50 pack of buttons for embellishments.  
Candy Cane Christmas
by Sebby Designs
Deck the Halls
by Bent Creek

Deck the Halls has 32 ct. raw linen and I am substituting Arctic Rays for one of the green flosses in the holly to add fuzzy sparkle.  While in my early days of cross stitch, I did a lot of holiday and snowman themed pieces, it has been years since I have stitched anything "Christmasy".  (maybe next week I'll post pics of all my early pieces)
HOWEVER....since it is December and Christmas is in a couple of days, I think I'll stitch one of these up ... lets see if I can finish by Sunday!
Gotta go stitch !
Till next time,


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Another week in review ....

The week here at Casa Jackson, thank God, has been pretty much uneventful. 

Thursday I spent the day as usual doing a bit of laundry and watching tons of FlossTube episodes from many very talented stitchers and .... ummm... cross stitching - duh?

I did find a very interesting episode on Pam Reid's FlossTube aka- Pam's Crafty Corner showing her creation of a Lap Stitching stand made of PVC pipe along with a great tutorial on how you  .... YES, YOU CINDI ....can make one!

Well, the next day after a very early doctor's appointment for lab work in preparation for my upcoming annual physical I stopped by Home Depot and for the bargain price of $6.72 bought the required supplies from their plumbing department.  That night, Jere did his thing and cut the lengths, filed down the rough edges and put this handy dandy ditty together for me!

and the next day I stitched up a modified qSnap cover aka- grime guard. 

As shown above, the actual frame that the fabric attaches to comes off the stand, and the open end pieces will flip down to make it flat for storage. 

However, Monday I returned to said Home Depot plumbing department and for the bargain price of $7.29 purchased another 10' length of PVC and the 90° elbows and T connectors to  make 3 MORE frames.  I can keep 4 projects on the frames and switch them out on the stand as I rotate through my projects!

Boring dental cleaning was about all that happened on Tuesday and another boring Doctor's appointment on Wednesday for my annual physical .... Everything went fine at both and according to Dr. K I should live at least another 12 months.  See ya next year ! (unless that flu shot you gave me doesn't work - or GIVES ME THE FLU!)

As you can see in the last photo there is a project on the frame to my NEW WONDERFUL LAP STAND!
That is a UFO from around 3 years ago I pulled out on Friday .........
FINISHED 12/14/16

Something Wicked
by La D Da
stitched on 32 CT. Pumpkin linen
using Rainbow Gallery Splendor Silk


This weekend the RiverKings will be traveling to Knoxville for games Friday & Saturday nights. Check back after the weekend for a recap of the games.
Also, I will be working on this:

272 Words
by Primrose Needleworks

Midnight Brew
by Autumn Lane Stitchery
That's all for now!
Till next time,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Out with the old....

In with the new ....

As any of you that have been reading my blog know  .......

Take a look around the tab, up there titled "Completed Cross Stitch" and see some things I have stitched up in the past.

And as a CROSS STITCHER, anyone that is into the craft is probably just like me in that we all have a butt load of stash.  Patterns, Fabric, Floss (cotton, silk, metallic) Beads .... along with all the tools of the trade, Needles, Needle Minders, Needle Threaders, Scissors, Scissor Fobs, Froggers (stitcher term), hoops, scroll frames,  qSnaps, qSnap covers (aka, grime guards) Bobbins, Counting Pins ... etc., etc., etc. ......

I am also members of several Facebook groups that are dedicated to cross stitch, from Designer "Fan" pages to stitch challenges to stash selling.

One site, Stitch MAYnia does MANY challenges throughout the year such as stitching a particular color during a period of time, maybe a day or week, or a theme like Halloween or Winter or Patriotic.

I have signed up for each of the monthly "themed" Stitch A Longs (SAL) for 2017 as well as "A Year of Starts" which is "start a new project on the 17th of each month" and may throw in a random "Color a Day" challenge periodically.

January - New Year, New Start
February - February Fandom
March - History in Stitches
April - Architecture
May - Stitch MAYnia
June - Whine & WIPS
July - Patriotic Pride
August - All Creatures Great & Small
September - Back to School
October - Around the World in 31 Days
November - NaNoStitchMo
December - Disney in December

SO .... we shall see how this goes !

Another site is a bit more challenging (for those stitchy friends of mine will know) is

 Stitch from Stash.

AND this is one I REALLY NEED TO STICK TO !!!!!

This group of stitchers are challenging themselves to control their "stitchy" spending during 2017 by setting a budget (up to $25.00) per month and do all our stitching from the massive stash we all have. So that means that to stick to the challenge I need to limit my spending on fabric, thread, patterns etc. to $25.00 per month.  Now a twist to that is I get credit for completed projects (YAY) from $2.00 for a small ornament size up to $25.00 for a larger piece (with extra $$ added for specialty stitches and embellishments - beads etc.)

After a bit of playing with all my "stuff", I have decided to TRY to be a bit more organized than in the past and have selected some things I plan to designate as my primary focus for 2017. I have selected 17 new start projects and 7 works in progress/unfinished objects (WIPS/UFOS) to concentrate on.  Mark your calendar for January 2018 (I already have a reminder in my calendar to come back and report an update) and see how well my "resolutions" are achieved! Hopefully, I'll also do better at keeping up blogging with at least monthly updates!

SO..... DRUMROLL.....


Pocketwatch Pixie - by Eye of the Magpie
Wicked Alphabet - by The Primitive Needle
Alice in Wonderland - by Bothy Threads
Queen of Freedom - by Mirabilia
Friendships O Borders - exclusive design by Olde Colonial Designs & Jeanette Douglas
If the Shoe Fits - by Sue Hillis
May the Force - by Mo's Sale
Strawberry Roam - by Ink Circles
Chocolate Understands - by Stitching Bear
Dog Bone Wisdom - by Stoney Creek
Pumpkin Pie - by Twisted Threads
Turtles all the way Down - by Ink Circles
Miss New Year's Eve - by Mirabilia
Not Forgotten - by Plum Street
Stitcher's Brew - by Little River
Ana - by Mirabilia
Halloween Fairy - by Mirabilia
Something Wicked - by La D Da
Runekeeper - by Dragon Dreams
My Ghoul Friends - by Sam Sarah
Twisted Band Sampler - by Northern Expressions
272 Words - by Primrose Needleworks
Midnight Brew - by Autumn Lane
So ..... there you have it .... I have quite a few LARGE things with a few smallish things mixed in so I'll be able to see some "quick" finishes along the way.
I'll try to come back sometime this week and create a page for 2017 Stitching and add pictures of what each project will look like when complete.  Then as the year goes on I'll update it with progress/finishes.  (that is if I can stay focused - not much doubt about the stitching - I'm just not very good at keeping up with blogging)
A bit ambitious ... A bit scary ... maybe A bit crazy ???
What 'cha think ??
Comments ??
Till next time,


And then there were two .....

We had to help this sweet girl cross over to The Rainbow Bridge. She was a sweet little thing that 2 years ago lost her right eye to glaucoma and about 8 months ago lost sight in her remaining left eye. She was a trooper though and learned how to get around without bumping into too many things. Around 6 weeks ago I discovered a lump on her left jaw and the vet found a pretty massive cancer growth in her mouth on the mandible.
Run free sweet girl, Little Bit. Tell your mom and brothers we still miss them.
Little Bit - April 4, 2002 ~ December 5, 2016


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Woo Hoo ... I'm Back ...

OK, peeps .... I know I've been MIA for ... what ... 3 months ?????


So .....  Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day & Thanksgiving have all come & gone without too much fanfare.  In September out sweet Nestle made his journey to The Rainbow Bridge, joining his brother, Bruno and mom, Amy + all the other sweet furbabies we had loved and lost .. I guess you could say he did it quietly.  On September 21st around 8:00 p.m. as I was rounding my 4 remaining furbabies up for "feeding time at the zoo", I couldn't find Nestle!  After searching the house and yard, I got Jere to search.  NO NESTLE.  As he was getting shoes on to venture out front, I grabbed the flashlight and went back out into the back yard to search again.  Well, I found him.  Peacefully laying in the back corner of the yard.  It was like he just went out side to do his business and laid down and died.  No Drama, No Fanfare. Like he just "did it his way".  We are really missing this sweet, mild mannered boy.

Nestle Crunch
April 4, 2002 - September 21, 2016

Of course, August is the end of Baseball season, so Sunday 8/28 was the last home game for our Redbirds.  Sadly they didn't make it to the AAA Playoffs due to practically the entire team being called up to our parent club The St. Louis Cardinals during the season. 
September is the beginning of Football season with the first home game of our UofM Tigers game being September 17th against Kansas which they won quite handily 43-7. 
October rolled around with Jere making his annual "man-trip" to the US Open in Minneapolis.  Thank God this year was relatively calm at Casa de Jackson with no strange things like errant clocks, mysterious huge boxes of LEFT shoes and pictures jumping off the walls. 


Also I had my annual mammogram & well woman check-up the second week of October, with a slight little hiccup, which actually turned out fine.  No details but no real problems!
October 21st was opening night for our minor league hockey team, The Mississippi RiverKings vs. The Evansville Thunderbolts.  They won. 2-1. However, we are going to have to teach their fans some hockey etiquette.  Apparently they don't know that it is NOT OK to allow your kids to repeatedly walk between the glass & the ticket holders in the seats right behind the glass WHILE play is going on !!! (well, they are the new expansion team for the year)
And ..... wait for it .....
Of course, Halloween will never be the same since we lost our sweet girl on Halloween, 2013 in a horrible car accident.

You received your wings too soon, sweet girl.

Robin Nicole Healy
December 1, 1997 - October 31, 2013


In November, two quilting friends and I took a class at Klassy Katz quilt shop learning to make a TUFFET!!!!!
It was a 2 day class and was so much fun !! Plus I brought home this !!!!!
Its done in Halloween prints (you all know how much I love Halloween themed things) ... and the fuzzy black & purple spider was an acquisition from WalMart's Halloween department.
Thanksgiving Day, 2016 was spent at home chilling out with Peter, watching a little football and having Ham & Hawaiian Roll sliders to snack on. 
As usual, the Friday after, we had our big Thanksgiving celebration dinner at the Albro farm with our hockey family.  Good food, good friends (pseudo family) and good times.  As an added bonus, our boys, The RiverKings beat the Columbus Cottonmouths 4-1 !!!
I have been cross stitching like a mad woman all year and yesterday (12/2/16) I pulled out my phone and scrolled through photos for pics of my completed projects so far for 2016. 
I have fully stitched 24 projects (some small and a few rather large) and fully finished 15 of them.
I was going to dedicate a full post to them, but realized that my last post in September had many of them included, so I have decided to just make a separate page ....
So there you have it ... All caught up again. 
The last several days I have been mulling over my stitchy plans for 2017.  Lots of stash, too little stitchy time....but I do have things gelling in my head.
Maybe tomorrow I'll share them with you in exchange for your thought about them.
as it is now almost 5:00 p.m. and there is a 'Kings game in 2.5 hours I need to shake a leg & get in the shower!
Till next time,


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cross Stitch .....

..... for those times when you want to stab something 10,000 times!

My friend Laura joined the world of Blogger over the weekend which in turn inspired me!!!

I have a page of SOME of the pieces I have completed over the years 

there is a little tab up there !

....but I haven't added anything since October of last year ....

So, without further ado ....

Letters from Mermaids
by Nora Corbett

Stitched on 32 count Lugana (don't remember the color) from Fabby's by Stephanie
using Crescent Colors & Kreinik thread plus Mill Hill beads


Letters from Nora - M
by Nora Corbett

stitched on 32 ct. Waterlily lined by Wilchelt
using Crescent Colors & Kreinik threads plus Mill Hill beads


Letters from Nora - C
by Nora Corbett

stitched on 32 ct. Waterlily linen by Wilchelt
using Crescent Colors & Kreinik thread plus Mill Hill beads


The Needle Fairy
by Nora Corbett

Stitched on 32 count Cream Lugana
using Crescent Colors & Kreinik thread plus Mill Hill beads

The Bead Fairy
by Nora Corbett

Stitched on 32 count Cream Lugana
using Crescent Colors & Kreinik thread plus Mill Hill beads

Tiger Lily
by Nora Corbett

Stitched on 28 ct. Waterlily by Wilchelt
using DMC & Kreinik threads plus Mill Hill beads 

What Counts
by Twisted Stitcher
design by Ruth Sparrow Gendron

stitched on "solo" hand dyed fabric by Silkweaver's
using Sampler Threads

The next three pieces are very special to me because the charts were from very special friends!!!

This first one I received in a "Mystery" bag from Andrea at the Mira Minion's Retreat I attended in Cincinnati in April.  I started it on May 1st and finished it July 31st. And she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ella, the Frog Princess
by Mirabilia
designer Nora Corbett

stitched on 32 ct. linen by Under the Sea Fabrics (lost the tag so don't remember the color!)
using DMC & Kreinik threads plus Mill Hill beads

This next one came to me as quite a surprise.  I came home from quilting one day and there was a package in the mail from 123Stitch.  Scratching my head, I reached back into my memory to see if I had ordered anything recently.  NOPE ... it was from my friend Laura who was my Cinci roomie!  She ordered the original chart "The Raven Queen" by Mirabilia for me for my birthday along with the beads.

You see, we saw this chart converted to Maleficent displayed at the Mira Minions Retreat and after I quit drooling over it, I declared that I WAS DOING THIS ONE !!!

And I did!  She is stunning !!!

conversion of The Raven Queen
by Mirabilia
original chart designed by Nora Corbett

stitched on 32 ct Lugana by Fabby's by Stephanie
using DMC, Waterlilies silk & Kreinik threads plus Mill Hill beads

a close-up of her face!

This one came to me in a package from my "Secret Stitcher" friend.  I signed up in December to have a secret friend to send to and in turn I have a secret friend that sends to me.  Packages were to be mailed every other month and during the recipient's birthday month as well as a year end Christmas package.  The first package I received in February had this chart, plus the fabric & threads!

Stir With the Big Girls
by Waxing Moon Designs

stitched on 30 ct. Pumpkin linen
using DMC thread

WHEW!  Until I got these out and took pics, I hadn't realized how many X's I had done in 11 months !!! Plus I have 2 WIPS (works in progress) I'm working on which will be another post for another day.

Hope you enjoyed the show!!!

Till next time,



At Least there was no orange jumpsuit....

.... though orange is a favorite color !!!

I was put in Facebook jail for 72 hours for trying to post this picture on Jere's timeline .....

..... because Facebook thought it was sexually explicit .....
HOW is that more sexually explicit than this:

.... which came across my timeline 3 days before ?????

Stitching update coming up soon!!!

Till next time,