Monday, September 29, 2014

Dust & Laundry Saturday .....

..... why is it that Dust Bunnies take over my house at night ?? Spend the day dusting, cleaning toilets & tubs and other necessary areas of the house and the next day, it looks like a storm happened overnight.

It wouldn't be so bad if these little cuties were the ones running rampant, but alas, they are sitting in my stash waiting to be brought out to play... do you think if I stitch it up, maybe it will give the other  dust bunnies an idea of other things to do rather than making such a mess all over the house ?

This is my motto !!! 

Or perhaps this one ??

Ok, have procrastinated enough.

Gotta go attack those bunnies !

Till next time,



Thursday, September 25, 2014

I may have lost my mind .....

September 25, 2014

A stitcher I know through Facebook posted a snap of a project she just completed, and being the copycat that I tend to be when I see something I really love, have decided to add this to my stitching stash.


It is a pattern by Ink Circles called "Ghostly Mandela"  and is published in the Just Cross Stitch 2014 Halloween issue Magazine.  The actual pattern calls for 32 ct. Belfast linen and Sullivan's Overdyed Floss, called London Fog.

Well not to be outdone by anyone, I have decided to take Melanie's lead and do this in beads .... BEADS ???? Have I lost my mind ???

According to Melanie, she used 5,145 seed beads and I believe she had this done in about 3 days !!! Being who I am and how distracted I get, it will probably take me at least 2 years to attach 5,145 beads to a piece of fabric ...

Stay tuned for updates ... I have the pattern, now to order the beads (approximately 12 packages) and decide on the fabric I want to use (I do also LOVE LOVE LOVE Melanie's choice).




Yesterday, I took a break from the Witches Wheel and brought out the Sam Sarah "Something Wicked" Mystery SAL.  It is a 3 part sampler with Part 1 being released August 4th, Part 2, September 4th and Part 3 October 4th.  The suggested fabric (which I used) is 32 ct. Belfast Petit Point linen in Natural with brown printed dots.  Stitching on this printed fabric has been somewhat of a challenge, being that the brown printed dots make it hard to see the proper hole to insert the needle making the X.  But I really love how it is turning out!  This is where Part 1 left off.

If I thought Part 1 was tough ... Part 2 is REALLY going to be a challenge.  In the middle there is a section that is 66 thread counts wide by 32 thread counts high and is stitched with 2 strands of thread over 1. And this being 32 ct. fabric (32 threads to each inch of fabric) makes the stitch count of this section 132 x 64 .... OVER 1 .... I may go blind trying to accomplish this section !!!

Part 2 of the Lagniappe will be a relief to stitch on after this as it is REGULAR X's !! Here is where Part 1 of the Lagniappe left off.

One last thing I'll mention before I get back to Something Wicked is that I have added a few new projects to the DUCJC2015 list.  I'll tell you about them next time (including Flosstitute).

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014



....... My whole head is numb .... Seems I had a cavity in the very back lower left tooth and had it filled this morning ..... I believe the dentist gave me enough Novocaine to deaden an elephant !  My ear is numb.  My nose is numb. My lips (upper and lower) are numb.  My tongue is numb.  Even the cheek area around my left eye is numb.  AND I AM STARVING !!! It has been over 3 hours and I still afraid to eat, fearful that I bite my tongue off ..... UGH!

I got some more stitches in The Witches Wheel .....

..... after about 2 hours of frogging out over 200 stitches .... geez ... I really need to pay more attention and start really double checking things before I get too far along on any area ..... I tend to suddenly go oops, let me check .... then OH SHIT .... missed a stitch or added an extra stitch ... and on this particular item one stitch off can throw the whole thing off ...

I think I am going to put this little gem away for a day or two and catch up on two mystery samplers I am doing.

#1 is a ditty called "The Mojo Sampler" and was designed exclusively as a SAL (Stitch A Long) for members of the Yahoo Group "The Stitch Specialists".  It is being released in 18 parts, one every other week.  The 1st part was released on April 7th and I just got Part #12 on Sunday.  Here is a snap of what I have stitched so far...

When the final part is released (Which I think should be around the first of the year) I plan to use it as a topper for this pretty little antique candy tin ....


I really don't know how antique this tin is but it was for "Sophie Mae's Homemade Peanut Candy".  In researching Sophie Mae Candy, I found that it was made by The Adkinson Candy Company.  They are located in Lufkin, Texas and began making candy in 1932 (my mother whom we lost 8 years ago was only 2 years old). 

I also plan to line the bottom of the tin with a padded insert to use as a stitching "tool" box.  Maybe I will be able to keep up with my needle case, scissors, threader and other accessories that make cross stitching possible.

#2.  Sam Sarah Mystery SAL " Something Wicked".  This project is being released in 3 parts.  Part 1 was released on August 4th, which I have completed, and #2 was released September 4th.  I received it in the mail on Monday, so it is time to get cracking on it before I get Part 3 sometime after October 4th.   I am stitching this on 32 ct. Belfast Petit Point Linen in Natural with brown dots .... And let me tell you, those brown dots are making me cross eyed!

 Included in each part is a Lagniappe......


1. Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Southeast Texas. a small gift given with a purchase to a customer, by way of compliment or for good measure; bonus.
2. a gratuity or tip.
3. an unexpected or indirect benefit. 

..... which is another cute small 3 Part piece that I am stitching on Peoria Purple linen.  SO CUTE !! 

Well.... gonna go get a few stitches in.  Next time I will give an update on the Sam Sarah Mystery Sampler SAL "Something Wicked"  .... SPOILER ALERT ... I will add pictures of Part 1 of the sampler and the Lagniappe so if you too haven't received yours and want to be surprised, DON'T LOOK!

Till next time,


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Frogs and other critters ...

September 23, 2014

Today i had a visit from the evil frog....

...... no not this cute little fellow.  The evil stitching frog.  

I was going at a really good clip about to complete another of the flying witches on Glendon Place Witches Wheel when what to my wondering eyes did appear .....gasp.... a mistake 

I am about 2/3 through the stitching on this and realized I added one extra line (of 2 stitches) that threw the whole thing off.....

Before frogging:

After frogging:

Took me 2 hours to rip out the incorrect over 200 later on (have to get a little sleep) I'll try to get back to where I was when I picked it up yesterday morning.  

I really need to learn to count .... :)

Oh and before I leave, here is a snap of to of my furbabies ... Amy and Little Bit, pretending to be besties.


Till next time,




Monday, September 22, 2014

New and Improved (9/22/2014)

Welcome ..... my new (and hopefully improved) blog.  I took a long hiatus from blogging about my stitching (February, 2011) but have joined a group of ladies (and possible gents) that have organized another stitching challenge to begin in January, 2015.

This challenge, in memory of a lady from California we all knew through stitching groups across the internet., is called DEBBIE'S ULTIMATE CRAZY JANUARY CHALLENGE 2015.

I have accepted the challenge you will find another post with details about who Debbie is and what this crazy thing is all about.

Hopefully I will keep up with things (much like I HAVE NOT done in the past.  So follow along with the craziness and visit here often.

Till next time,


2014 Crazy list

2015 Ultimate Crazy Challenge List

This is a list compiled as of 9/22/14 which is by no means written in stone and is not necessarily in the order I will stitch them.   


1.  Lizzie Kate - Peace, Love & A Cure
          32 ct. Lugana - White
          WDW I Sampler Threads

2.  Post Stitches - Follow Your Heart
          32 ct. Lugana - White
          DMC Threads

3.  Something in Common - Mystic Lavendar
          32 ct. Lugana - White
          Silk'nColors Threads

4.  The Goode Huswife - The Book of Spells
          36 ct. Linen - Copper
          Gentle Art Shaker Threads

5.  Lizzie Kate - A Good Marriage
          28 c. Jobelan - Lambswool
          Crescent Colors & DMC Threads

6.  Glendon Place - Witch Parking Only
          28 ct. Jobelan - Lime Green
          WDW Threads

7.  Little House Needleworks - Busy Needle
          28 ct. Cashel - Antique White
          WDW Threads

8.  Lizzie Kate - Dogs Leave Paw Prints
          30 ct. WDW Linen - Cappuccino
          WDW Threads

9.  Lizzie Kate - Hoot Biscornu
          30 ct. Natural Linen
          WDW Threads

10.  Ink Circles - 99
          32 ct. Wexford Linen - Autumn Sunrise
          DMC Threads

11.  Ink Circles - Strawberry Roam
          28 ct. Lugana - Melody - by Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie 
          Dinky Dyes Threads (includes Limited Edition color dyed for this pattern)

12.  The Stitching Bear - Chocolate Understands
          28 ct. Linen - Milk Chocolate
          Caron Watercolors & DMC Threads
          JABC - cookie & chocolate drop buttons

13.  Ink Circles - Turtles All The Way Down
          27 ct. Linen Banding - Celery
          DMC Threads

14.  Twisted Threads - Pumpkin Pie
          28 ct. Linen - Lime
          DMC Threads

15.  GG Needleworks - Land of the Free
          28 ct. Jobelan - Light Blue
          DMC Threads

16.  Stoney Creek - Dog Bone Wisdom
          28 ct. Quaker Cloth - Antique White
          DMC, Needle Necessities & Glissen Gloss Threads

17.  Nora Corbett - Letters by Nora - M
          28 ct. linen - Water Lily
          Crescent Color Threads

18.  Glendon Place - Sleepy Hollow
          28 ct. Cashel by Picture This Plus - Haunted
          DMC & Kreinik Threads
          Mill Hill Beads

19.  My Big Toe - Dog Hair
          28 ct. Cashel - Mushroom
          WDW & Rainbow Gallery Wisper Threads
          JABC - Dog & Bones Buttons

20.  Twisted Threads - What Counts
          28 ct. Cashel - Mushroom
          Gentle Arts Sampler Threads

21.  The Primitive Needle - Wicked Alphabet
          40 ct; Cashel by Picture this Plus - Heritage
          WDW & Gentle Arts Threads

22.  Shepherds Bush - A Rosy Garden
          32 ct. Linen - Antique Ivory
          Soie D'Alger & Mori Silk Threads
          Frog silver charm & Cute Arch Mat

23 Hinzeit - Mini Block Halloween ABC's
          28 ct. Cashel by Sikweavers - Beige
          WDW & DMC Threads

I will be adding a new page when I have compiled the list of UFO's and WIP's I plan to work into my stitching rotation.  Now if I can just stay off Facebook and quit WANTING EVERYTHING everyone else is stitching !!!!!

Till next time


September 22, 2014 .. Debbie

September 22, 2014

2015 Ultimate January Crazy Challenge 

The world lost a beautiful person and I lost a stitching friend from Fontana, CA. Debbie Bryant last month.  I only knew her via the internet and several stitching groups we both participated in.  She was an avid stitcher and each year participated in a "Crazy Challenge" that involved a ridiculous number of newly started cross stitch projects during January.

The way the challenge works is that a group of stitchers decide in the fall how many projects the group is going to challenge themselves to start AND finish during the coming year.  Each stitcher decides what designers, charts, fabric, threads and embellishments (if any) they will use.  The projects can be big or small, each person deciding on their own stitching style, skills and speed   Then on January 1st you begin by starting a new project EACH DAY until all the projects in your list have at least a few stitches in them.   In 2011 the number was 15.  So from January 1st till January 15th we started a new project for 15 days.  Then on the 16th each stitcher would decide what they wanted to work on.  All these projects remained Works in Progress (WIP) until completed.  The goal is to start and finish number of projects you have been wanting to do that have been sitting in your stash.

The one and only year I did the challenge was 2011, and while it was great fun and I did get several projects finished during the year ... I still am looking at several in my WIP/UFO box.  

A few days after we lost Debbie, Linda Scott put together a group to remember Debbie with a Memorial Challenge "DUCJC2015".  I have decided to join this group and see much of my stash I can get done during the year.  While I do have several new projects all kitted up and ready to start (23 as of today)  I will also be dusting off and adding some of the WIP/UFO'S in an attempt to finally get those done so they will stop screaming at me every time I walk into my sewing room.  

According to the Facebook page for the DUCJC2015 there are 72 stitchers as members, some of which will blog about their challenge throughout the year.  I will add links to their blogs on the side bar as I discover and visit them so you can too.  

Please take a minute to look at the separate page where I have listed the projects I plan to do (so far).  These are the new starts and are not necessarily in order of which I will begin them.

Here is a snap of a pretty little spiral notebook that has a page for each of my projects for this challenge.  I plan before the first of the year to get in my sewing room and pull out all my WIPs & UFOs, add them to the book and make a page here for them also.  Maybe by doing that, it will inspire me to get cracking,, stitching on them and get some more finishes done.

 I hope to be more disciplined during 2015 both in my stitching, recording details about my stitching  and blogging.  I guess come January 2016 we will all see how successful I have been :)

Till next time,