Wednesday, September 24, 2014



....... My whole head is numb .... Seems I had a cavity in the very back lower left tooth and had it filled this morning ..... I believe the dentist gave me enough Novocaine to deaden an elephant !  My ear is numb.  My nose is numb. My lips (upper and lower) are numb.  My tongue is numb.  Even the cheek area around my left eye is numb.  AND I AM STARVING !!! It has been over 3 hours and I still afraid to eat, fearful that I bite my tongue off ..... UGH!

I got some more stitches in The Witches Wheel .....

..... after about 2 hours of frogging out over 200 stitches .... geez ... I really need to pay more attention and start really double checking things before I get too far along on any area ..... I tend to suddenly go oops, let me check .... then OH SHIT .... missed a stitch or added an extra stitch ... and on this particular item one stitch off can throw the whole thing off ...

I think I am going to put this little gem away for a day or two and catch up on two mystery samplers I am doing.

#1 is a ditty called "The Mojo Sampler" and was designed exclusively as a SAL (Stitch A Long) for members of the Yahoo Group "The Stitch Specialists".  It is being released in 18 parts, one every other week.  The 1st part was released on April 7th and I just got Part #12 on Sunday.  Here is a snap of what I have stitched so far...

When the final part is released (Which I think should be around the first of the year) I plan to use it as a topper for this pretty little antique candy tin ....


I really don't know how antique this tin is but it was for "Sophie Mae's Homemade Peanut Candy".  In researching Sophie Mae Candy, I found that it was made by The Adkinson Candy Company.  They are located in Lufkin, Texas and began making candy in 1932 (my mother whom we lost 8 years ago was only 2 years old). 

I also plan to line the bottom of the tin with a padded insert to use as a stitching "tool" box.  Maybe I will be able to keep up with my needle case, scissors, threader and other accessories that make cross stitching possible.

#2.  Sam Sarah Mystery SAL " Something Wicked".  This project is being released in 3 parts.  Part 1 was released on August 4th, which I have completed, and #2 was released September 4th.  I received it in the mail on Monday, so it is time to get cracking on it before I get Part 3 sometime after October 4th.   I am stitching this on 32 ct. Belfast Petit Point Linen in Natural with brown dots .... And let me tell you, those brown dots are making me cross eyed!

 Included in each part is a Lagniappe......


1. Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Southeast Texas. a small gift given with a purchase to a customer, by way of compliment or for good measure; bonus.
2. a gratuity or tip.
3. an unexpected or indirect benefit. 

..... which is another cute small 3 Part piece that I am stitching on Peoria Purple linen.  SO CUTE !! 

Well.... gonna go get a few stitches in.  Next time I will give an update on the Sam Sarah Mystery Sampler SAL "Something Wicked"  .... SPOILER ALERT ... I will add pictures of Part 1 of the sampler and the Lagniappe so if you too haven't received yours and want to be surprised, DON'T LOOK!

Till next time,


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