Our Furbabies

I am an animal lover.  Especially dogs.  In fact, I like dogs more than most people I know.
I also believe the story of The Rainbow Bridge and that one day I will see these
sweet babies again. 


updated 12.8.16

Meet the Kids
Our Little Bit
April 4, 2002 ~ December 5, 2016
Run happy & free sweet girl.  Give Gene & Alice lots of
puppy kisses and tell your mom and brothers we still miss them.
Our Nestle Crunch
APRIL 4, 2002 ~ September 21, 2016
You were the sweetest, shy little "play" boy.  Hope there are lots of
squeeky toys up there at The Rainbow Bridge!

September 11, 2000 ~ August 26, 2015
My sweet Stitching Buddy that contributed many "specialty fibers"
to my cross stitch.  I miss you every day and night.

Amy giving me the "evil" eye.
apparently there is too much stitching and not enough petting going on.

Our Bruno 
April 2, 2002 - October 24, 2014
We miss you so much!

Summer 2011

October 22, 2014

At one time, believe it or not, we had all 6 of these very special 4 legged sweeties.

 Amy & Molly


Hershey Kiss

 Little Bit


Nestle Crunch

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