January "Hermit" Weekend
1. 16.2015  ~ 1.18.2015
I believe I got about 50 stitches in over this IHSW.  Between trying to get the baby seat blanket finished, Hockey Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights, a Funeral, Baby Shower and Breakfast with family on Sunday morning, I WASNT' HOME ALL WEEKEND !!!!
I don't know why the fabric looks so weird in these pictures ... It does have some splotches but not those dark swirls... I'll have to try different lighting next time.

Starting Point 1.16.2015


Starting Point

Busy weekend coming up but check back on Monday 11.24.2014 to see the progress !   


OK .... so I have a short fuse ... or you can call it an Irish Temper ... but I frogged around 100 stitches 3 times on this piece so I finally put it away to chill ... I think I added about 50 stitches before switching to this....

Starting point on 11.23.2014

Almost got the right wing done ... I could almost stitch this without looking .....

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