Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Frogs and other critters ...

September 23, 2014

Today i had a visit from the evil frog....

...... no not this cute little fellow.  The evil stitching frog.  

I was going at a really good clip about to complete another of the flying witches on Glendon Place Witches Wheel when what to my wondering eyes did appear .....gasp.... a mistake 

I am about 2/3 through the stitching on this and realized I added one extra line (of 2 stitches) that threw the whole thing off.....

Before frogging:

After frogging:

Took me 2 hours to rip out the incorrect over 200 later on (have to get a little sleep) I'll try to get back to where I was when I picked it up yesterday morning.  

I really need to learn to count .... :)

Oh and before I leave, here is a snap of to of my furbabies ... Amy and Little Bit, pretending to be besties.


Till next time,




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