Sunday, November 30, 2014

Post Thanksgiving updat.....

..... Thanksgiving day dawned  a sunny and a crisp 34° with predictions of remaining sunny with a high of 65°.  It was destined to be a beautiful day.   Jere & I watched the Macy's Day Parade while downing several cups of coffee.  Around 10:00 Jere got an "Oh Shit" text from the computer system at work, which meant he had to go into the office and diagnose what the problem was and bring the system back online.  So.... He headed east and I headed south to pick Peter up for Thanksgiving at Bill & Betty's.

Peter and I then stopped by and hung out at DU for about 30 minutes waiting for the monster system to come back to life.  Another 30 minute drive to Collierville delivered us to Casa Mullis, about an hour later than planned.  BUT ... we were actually first to arrive.  While munching on appetizers of yummy  Buffalo Chicken dip, Fruit, and various crackers/chips/nuts, 5 more players arrived along with Tina.  (Sorry no player names or pictures - this was a private "family" gathering - as they say "What happens at Thanksgiving-stays at Thanksgiving).  Everyone went back to the food at least for seconds (some thirds) then settled in around the TV to watch football and fall into the traditional Turkey Coma.  It was a wonderful, relaxing day and gave us all the chance to get to know these great guys away from the normal around the rink/after game parties settings.

After delivering Peter back home to join up with the rest of the team to hit the road for the away game Friday night in Columbus, we headed back to Casa Jackson and after feeding the herd, I fell into my "coma".  Man, I was TIRED !!

Thanksgiving .. Part Deux ...

Saturday was spent with our hockey family on the Albro farm.  John, Reba and the pseudo-grands, Nathan, Elizabeth-Ann (Sam), Gracie, Owen & Lily along with Anisha, RJ & Angela (my other pseudo-grand), Jordan, Aunt Cathy, and Paula & Mike (Friends of the Albros).  There was so much food and many recipes are needed !!!

This is only the part of the food offerings that were prepared by Reba (except the Banana Pudding which I believe Jordan's grandmother crafted) and Anisha whipped up the delicious Loaded Potatoes.  Aunt Cathy provided some wonderful spiced apple slices, fresh fruit & cheese and a delightful Pistachio salad (which is a MUST HAVE recipe).  Paula brought some melt in your mouth home made yeast rolls - something I am DEFINITELY not good at making !!! .  I provided Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Celebration & Cranberry Slaw (see where my mind was !) along with what was left of Homemade Ravioli (an old family recipe) and several Pumpkin Pies in a jar, especially for the kids.

RJ (ever in his Dallas Cowboy's garb) & Anisha worked their magic and produced a masterpiece turkey cooked in their Oil-less fryer,

While waiting on the bird to get done, we spent time eating appetizers and trying to referee John and Anisha with their never ending banter ... some of their meeting of the minds make my head spin & sides hurt from trying to keep score and laughing so hard ... I think their "lively discussions" most times end in a draw.

Mike, a friend of John & Reba, is retired from the US Navy, and I REALLY enjoyed talking to him and hearing his stories about his travels around the world while active.  If I remember correctly, during his 19 year stint in the Navy, he visited all but 9 countries IN THE WORLD.  Imagine that !!! He had wonderful stories about Hong Kong, Egypt, and Australia to name a few. 

After gathering around the huge island of food and sharing what each of us was thankful for, John said grace and the attack on all the yumminess began.  We all settled into the Albro's newly decorated dining room.....

Sans Furniture

... to enjoy wonderful food and fellowship.  There were many times that the conversation died down and all you could hear was the gnashing of teeth and clinking of flatware on plates.  The food was all so amazing.
 After dinner we all gathered around the TV to watch our hockey guys take on the Columbus Cottonmouths at their rink at the Columbus Civic Center.  The guys were down 0-1 until Dion shot one past Loewen at the 5:59 mark of the 3rd period.  33 seconds later Quaile slammed one in to give the Kings a 2-1 lead.  3 minutes later, the Cottonmouths got a shot past Adam which tied things up till the final horn and sent the game into overtime.  Just 23 seconds into a 3 on 3 overtime, a snake slammed one past Adam, giving the Cottonmouths the 3-2 win.

Both teams are due to tangle on the ice again Saturday night here at the Landers Center.  Update below.

On tap Saturday was the final regular season game for our University of Memphis Tigers.

 This year is the FIRST TIME since 1971 (YES! That is 43 years !!!) that our Tigers were in line to win their conference, the American Athletic Conference  ... they went into the weekend  8 - 1 (8 - 3 overall) with 2 of the 3 losses being match-ups between UCLA (PAC-12)  & Ole Miss (SEC)  and the first time since 2008 they have been bowl eligible.

We got to the M Club Tail Gate tent (Jere is alum) and the fair was Grilled Chicken, Baked Beans, Slaw, Rolls and various cookies along with soda, wine & beer (you can't have a football game without beer ! )

At 2:30 the Seniors took the field in a ceremony to honor them and their perseverance through the previous 3 years of all the disappointing losses they endured.  Exciting times at Tiger High !!

Then at 3:00 the guys won the coin toss and kicked off to the Huskies, and while I will not bore you with the play by play details, just let's say OUR TIGERS WERE AWESOME !! Final score 41-10 !!!!! AAC Champions and the guys are going Bowling !!! There are still 2 match ups in our conference that will determine what bowl bid they will win and if they will share the championship.   Cincinnati & UCF are both 6-1 in conference standings.  UCF is playing East Carolina on 12/4 and Cincinnati is playing Houston on 12/6.  Both games could go either way which both wins would put the Tigers in a 3 way split for 1st, and while it would be wonderful to have sole possession ... hey, it's been 43 years so sharing the title isn't all that bad. 

Coach Justin Fuente with trophy
Here is a pretty cool video "diary" that the ACC put together of UofM Football's winning season.


After the presentation at center field of that beautiful trophy, Jere and I made a mad dash south to the Lander's Center to see the second match up in 2 days between our RiverKings and the Columbus Cottonmouths.  We were quite late and did miss all but 1 minute of the first period, but as the guys took the ice in the second, they seemed some what sluggish.  They were missing passes, not getting shots off accurately (I remember at least 2 clinks where the puck hit the metal frame of the net & bounced out instead of in)  and just not playing cohesively.  Peter was in the net and while he stopped  17 of 20 shots (which he said was more like 32) that #@%&!! of a female goalie for the Snakes stopped all but 2 of our 44 shots (which was probably over 50) ending in a another disappointing 3-2 loss. 

November is also known as MOVEMBER.  According to Movember United States  the Movember Foundation challenges men to grow moustaches during Movember (formerly known as November), to spark conversation and raise vital funds for its men’s health programs. To date, 4 million moustaches have been grown worldwide.

Jere always sports a mustache and goatee and I would slap him silly if he shaved it off... While I loved his mother, though extremely challenging she could be, without facial hair he looks JUST like her !!! And I don't need daily reminders of the meeting of mine & Hazel's minds.

The whole hockey team took the Movember challenge.  Peter has anxiously been looking forward to November 30th so he can take a razor to his!  Last night we took a final snap of him to memorialize his Movember 2014 challenge.  Stay tuned for a pic after the great shave!

Peter DiSalvo - 11.30.2014

SUNDAY ..... ahhhhh .... a day of rest !!!!!

After such a busy, fun filled weekend, I really look forward to vegging out today and STITCH, STITCH, STITCH.  I have not put needle and thread to fabric all weekend so here is a quick snap of Mira's Halloween Fairy when she was put away on Tuesday.

Check back tomorrow to see how much she progresses.  However, I may just crash and burn and sleep all day in the La-Z-Boy!

Till next time,


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thats a winner

 ... the boys (Mississippi RiverKings) got their first road win of the season !!! Peter stopped 22 of 23 shots on goal and the offense slapped 3 of 25 across the line giving them the win of 3 - 1 against the Louisiana IceGators.  Peter as usual was the "Mad Dog" behind the net.

For tonight's game, instead of going to the usual watch party at Olde Style Bar-B-Que, we stayed in and watched it via internet thrown up on the big screen via Google ChromeCast.

  Friends - John, Reba

... and RJ & Anisha

were here, and Reba brought dinner !!! Yummy !!! Home style Mac-N-Cheese and salad.  She even made fudge and brought Jere a jar of her home made applesauce.  Mother Earth, I call her with her gardening and canning and raising/home schooling of 5 kids (the pseudo-grands), goats, chickens, turkeys with the usual dogs running around keeping all the other animals it toe.  (She has assured me that the turkey going into the oven on Friday will be one she got from the meat department at the grocery and not her back yard) .... I just don't think I would be able to enjoy turkey having seen it in it's glory walking around the farm.

The weekend is going to be a busy one.  Tomorrow we will collect Peter  & head to Bill & Betty's in Collierville to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our hockey guys.  Then on Friday we travel down to the Albro farm to spend the day with the Albro clan & the Wynns.  Saturday our Tigers play their final regular season game against UCONN at 3:00 and the Kings face off against the Columbus Cottonmouths at 6:30.  It's gonna be a race against time to be in our seats in time for the first puck drop!

It's been a crazy busy week so far. On Tuesday I spent the morning at the Lander's Center watching the Kings battle the IceGators in a 1-0 loss.  Most of the usual gang (Jere & RJ had to slave away at work) was there in Suite 1 for the first Face Off Field Trip rooting the guys on along with about 5,000 rowdy, screaming Desoto County school kids.  After the game I headed to the Fillin Station for a rather subdued after game party.  Today was spent preparing for the watch party tonight here at Casa Jackson and shopping/cooking for Thursday & Friday (no I didn't do ALL my Thanksgiving cooking at Kroger)

I did put a few stitches in the Halloween Fairy.

This is what she looked like on Sunday when I put her down.


And here she is with the right wing almost done.

. Traveling around Blogland, I visited a friend Astrid - of Dragon Stitches and Stuff and saw the cutest projects done by her son and his 1st grade friends.  All are so cute so if you have a minute, head over to her Blogspot and see the cute "I'm Not A Turkey" projects they did.

One that really caught my eye is by "Awesome MAN"

Isn't this little Cluck adorable ???

Well, the sand man is marching around in my eyes, so I'm off to bed for a few hours.  I'll catch you all on Sunday when I will be able to take a breath and do a little more stitchin.

Till next time,


Monday, November 24, 2014

Update on IHSW (and Thanksgiving news)

... well as predicted, the Titans choked again .... or rather rolled over and played dead.  Final score 24- 43.  Philadelphia Eagles dominated the whole game ... Oh well ...

On the stitching front, The IHSW wasn't a great success either.  After ripping out about 100 stitches 3 times I finally put "Something Wicked" away after getting about 50 stitches in successfully ....

To Date 11.24.2014

You can maybe see the little blue curly q and a smidgen of the top of the third pumpkin.

I pulled out the Mirabilia Halloween Fairy that was intended to be completed for the October 2014 Challenge.  This was how I left her on 10.17.14 when I just HAD to finish up the evil witches.


I got most of her right wing done !


In other news ....

With this being Thanksgiving week, I will be pretty busy .... and no I will NOT be cooking.

Tomorrow is Face Off Field Trip at the Mississippi RiverKings so I will be meeting Reba, John, the pseudo-grands, Anisha & Angela for the game.  We have a suite reserved for the day so hopefully will have no problem dealing with the 6,000+ rowdy schoolkids.  The barn WILL be rockin' tho....

Then Wednesday, I will be doing my "cooking" ... trip to Kroger's to pick up things for Thanksgiving.

My oldest.....

.....Ned Bryan and his bride, Chelsea, are in the process of transferring from Ft. Benning in Georgia where he has fulfilled his Drill Sargent duties, to Ft. Campbell which hovers across the Tennessee/Kentucky border (3 hours closer to home).  Don't really know what he will be doing there, but I am sure the Army keep him busy.  They are leaving Benning today, meeting the movers in Clarkesville to receive their furniture into their new rental house, then on Tuesday driving up to Williams Bay, WI to spend the holiday week with Chelsea's family.  I don't envy all that traveling (and snow up north) but they are young and adventurous.

My baby (if you could call him that) ...

....Robbie and his bride, Mallory will be spending Thanksgiving with her family in Atlanta, GA this year.  Being a big shot with a major home improvement chain, Robbie sticks around during the Thanksgiving week to allow some of his employees the holiday off to spend with their families.  He has such a generous heart ...

We are going to Bill & Betty's (some friends from hockey) on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our RiverKings.

Then on Friday, we are going to spend the day with our pseudo grandchildren and their parents Reba & John on their farm.

I will have it easy this year .... rolls & a desert for Thursday and an appetizer & cranberry sauce for Friday .... I can get all my "cooking" done at Kroger !!! 

It is getting to be about the noon hour, so I need to get up off this computer and get something around this dirty house done, then get a few errands in ....

Till next time,


Sunday, November 23, 2014

All about Football

.....It's Sunday and you know what that means ...FOOTBALL...

(according to )


1.a game in which two opposing teams of 11 players each defend goals at opposite ends of a field having goal posts at each end, with points being scored chiefly by carrying the ball across the opponent's goal line and by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar between the opponent's goal posts.

2. the ball used in this game, an inflated oval with a bladder contained in a casing usually made of leather.

(according to ME)

1. great American sport that commander television and turn our husbands into beer drinking, junk eating screaming fools.

2. an event on TV used to kick back in the recliner with a dog in my lap, nap, stitch, eat junk and put up with a beer drinking, junk eating screaming fool of a husband.

Up today here at Casa Jackson will be our Tennessee Titans (2-8) VS Philadelphia Eagles (7-3).  I really don't think we have much of a chance of a win today....the Titans haven't really shown up for a game all season, but we with loyalty we will watch the carnage.

Now THE MEMPHIS TIGERS are on a real GROWL this year.  They are 8 - 3 (5 - 1 in the American Conference) with one more regular season game to go.  This is the first time since 2008.  Jere is an alumni (by default) with Lambuth University's closing a few years ago,  UofM AKA "Tiger High" bought the campus and invited it's alum to come to UofM.  Having been a pitcher on the Lambuth baseball team also made him eligible to join the M Club which is for athletes. We have been to most of the home games and watch the away games with a renewed enthusiasm this year.  GO TIGERS!!!

Yesterday, I gifted my Tiger Tickets to a friend of my Sis-in-Law because we had another function to attend.

We are season ticket holders for the Mississippi RiverKings hockey team.  Friday night's game against the Louisiana IceGators was delayed almost 2 hours due to transportation problems (the IceGators bus broke down in central Mississippi).  The doors to the Lander's Center opened at the usual 6:00 and of course, Jere headed over to his "all-inclusive" dive to collect the first 2 of MANY beers.  Well, by puck drop around 9:00 Jere was well buzzed.

The game was a fast, exciting game (especially for us King's fans) as Matt Harrington slapped the puck past their goalie for our first point at 0:26 seconds into the first period. And the goals kept coming.  Our boys sunk 7 of 43 shots on goal and Peter DiSalvo stopped 35 of their 37 shots ending in a final score of 7-2.

All of us fans are trying to figure out how we can create bus issues with all future opposing teams !!!

Well, yesterday they had a fun fundraiser at The Strike Zone bowling center where fans could pal around and bowl with the players.

With my back issues like they are I didn't bowl, but there were at least 25 of the 32 lanes filled with player and fan bowling fools....

There was soda, beer, pizza and DOOR PRIZES !!!  AND I WON !!! An official game puck signed by Andrew Randazzo his rookie year (2012) when he was sporting #18 !!!

Andrew Randazzo Rookie Year puck

This will nestle nicely in with our other sports memorabilia.  Hope to see Andrew go on to the NHL  some day and I can say "I knew him when ....."

Stitching News

As this is the 3rd full weekend in November it is IHSW.  And since I have had other distractions, I don't think I will get much done on the stitchy project I have selected to work on, but here is the before picture (it is already Sunday and nary a stitch has been added)

Sam Sarah Designs Mystery Sampler "Something Wicked"

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the progress !

I really want to get this one finished up .... there are so many new projects calling out to me from my many stash boxes, and I WANT A NEW START !!!

Speaking of "so many projects" .... one day last week I cleaned and organized my craft room.  In doing so I found several duplicate patterns I have so I decided to make a list of kitted up projects, WIP'S (Works in Progress) and UFO'S (Un Finished Objects).  After several hours on the ole' laptop creating a document, I had to stop with  JUST the things I have complete supplies for.  Keep in mind there are TONS of patterns not listed because they are just that ... Patterns ... with no designated fabric/fibers collected and placed in that nifty zip lock bag to await my nimble needle. Also I have a rather LARGE collection of stitch related magazine subscriptions and hard cover pattern books perched on a shelf in my craft room.

Books & Magazines & Binders full of "Freebie" patterns

To date (and I believe I have them all listed) I have 74 projects all kitted up and much to my surprise, only 15 WIP's & UFO'S.  I fear it will take more time that I have left on earth to complete all the things itchin' for stitchin', but we shall see.

As long as I have be a Cross Stitcher, I have heard this (and made it my mantra)

WINS !!!!!

Seeing the lists of other stitcihng friends around the globe, I am not and probably never will be in first place, but I believe I am situated well within the middle of the pack.

Well folks, the Titans have been on the boob tube for 30 minutes and they are already down 14-0 ... I'm gonna go stitch!

Till next time,



Saturday, November 22, 2014

TUSAL UPDATE - November, 2014

Oh My Orts!  .... Twisted and Tangled Threads

I keep cramming them down in the jar to make room.  Hope I can make it till the end of December!

Traveling Ort


I guess I could revert to my little traveling ORT jar.  As you can see, our stitching & hooker group that meets once a month does very little stitching .... more show & tell, chatting & eating goodies.  But we do have FUN! 

Till next time,


Friday, November 21, 2014


I have signed up for the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend through a fellow blogger's site - Random Ramblings. You register on Joyce's web page dedicated for that month's ISHW which will add a link back to your blog.  The point is that on the third full weekend of each month, beginning on that Friday,  you settle yourself in your favorite stitching spot with some background music (or TV - I watch Netflix) and stitch to your hearts content.  (Of course most days I do this anyway!) .. On Monday following you post a progress picture of what you managed to accomplish from Friday through Sunday on your blog.  Then you can hop from blog to blog to see what's up in the world of your fellow stitchers.

I have created a new page dedicated to the progress pictures of my ISHW pieces with a tab up top 

Till next time,


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hockey in the Mid-South

.It's Hockey season in the Mid-South !!!

I have loved hockey for years. In fact, it is probably my favorite sport. (As the saying goes "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out")... Jere and I have been season ticket holders for some time and this year not only got involved with the booster club for our local minor league team, Mississippi RiverKings.  Jere built a website for the club and is webmaster of 2 Man Advantage.

After becoming involved in the booster club, we applied to become a Family Sponsor for one of the players this season.  These guys are young and many are from Canada or other European countries   Being a sponsor gives you the opportunity to not only be an ambassador for your community, but help these guys out in a strange town with no family there to make life a little less lonely. Have them over to your house for a home cooked meal, help out with groceries for their apartments, treat them to an afternoon of bowling or a movie,  pick up Mom or Dad when they come to town to see their boys play, etc.

Last night I got a phone call from Peter DiSalvo, one of the goalies.  We had made a connection with him at some of the after-game parties held at the Fillin Station Grille. We are going to be his "Family Sponsor" for the 2014-15 season !!

Peter is 24 years old (just had a birthday last week) and is from Oakville, Ontario.  Last year he was goalie for the Pensacola Ice Flyers who were the 2013-14 President's Cup Champions.

An amazing save at the goal line !!! 

Jere and I are looking forward to being a friend to Peter and having a GREAT season!!! 

Till next time 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One more thing for today

Trina in Ontario is having a .....

....drawing is November 22, 2014

Follow her blog at Stitching Oz

Till next time


Nothing in particular ...

... is happening today, but I do have a few updates on life in my world.

First ... I have joined in (a bit late I am afraid for this year) on a Totally Useless little project that is hosted by Sharon, aka Daffycat to show our "trashy thread" collection.  It has no other point than to see how many ratty threads we snip & frog during out creative process of stitching.  As we snip tails of threads instead of having them fly everywhere, you drop them in a jar  which should be settled handily near your stitching hole/corner.  Then once a month on The New Moon  (or there abouts) you post an  updated picture of said jar.  Not only can you see how much you have been working on your project, it shows how many times the frog has visited.

... for those of you that don't know what this little guy represents to a stitcher click on the "FROGS" tab at the top of the page and see what he is all about. 

I have completed a couple of small stitchy projects in the last few days.

Christmas ornie made using 18 ct. Mono Canvas stitched with Rainbow Gallery "sparkly" braid.  This dittie is going to travel across the big pond to Trudy in Wiltshire, England.  I hope it finds a nice comfy home on her Christmas Tree !!! 

Then I found out that a friend's birthday was last Friday (Frankie - baseball/hockey friend) so I stitched up this little bookmark.

  Frankie always has her book to read between innings (baseball) or periods (hockey)  and I thought that the  # @ % & !! could mean anything she wanted it to mean..... ( I KNOW what it would mean for me)  

I also had a little S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXperience) this week.   

I received the new Lizzie Kate mystery sampler "Things Unseen" in the mail.

You can read all about Linda's inspiration behind the designing of this cross stitch piece on her blog Lizzie Kate.

I had lunch yesterday with Cheryl at El Porton (yummy loaded chicken quesadillas) and she brought me this cute kit which will be added to my ever growing stash.

Halloween Happiness
Sandra Cozzolino

I had ordered a Z-Frame lap stitching frame a couple of weeks back and found that the way I stitch (all laid back in my recliner usually with a dog in my lap) it was just not meant to be.  So... I gifted it to Cheryl and I am happy to report ... she LOVES it. 

I also downloaded a couple of digital patterns ( I NEED more stuff people !!!!!) for these cute Biscornus ...

Barbara Ann Designs

Barbara Ann Designs

As you have probably already guessed my favorite theme is Halloween.  Some day when I have nothing whatsoever to do, I am going to have to make an inventory of all my Halloween stitchery.  I am sure even I will be surprised.  

Well... nothing much more interesting is happening at Casa Jackson with the exception that my constant lap warmer is settled in for a long afternoon's nap.


Off to get a few stitches in before I get up off my lazy ass and make dinner.

Till next time, 



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things are somewhat ....

....getting back to normal here at Casa Jackson.  While we are all still missing our Boo Boy, the other 2 of the "Terrible Trio" are having a hard time being the "Dynamic Duo"  Those three litter mates were ALWAYS together, and as hard as it has been for me, I know they have been grieving for the last 4 weeks.



Where one went, the other 2 were sure to follow.  Always out together making sure no bird, squirrel or cat ventured in their yard.  Most of the time while inside they were lined up on the sofa, Bruno on one end, Nestle on the other with their baby sister, Hershey in the middle.  

They say dogs have no concept of time so one day or one month is perceived the same, but this last week neither one has wanted to eat and keep staring at the door, I suppose expecting him to bounce in bragging to them that he got to go bye-bye in the car.  

I certainly hope they bounce back to their happy selves soon.  

On a more pleasant note, I have been stitching up a storm.  I got into a "beading bug" the last couple of weeks and finished up my Glendon Place "Witches Wheel" and it is STUNNING after adding the beads.  

A little back ground about this piece (and the reason for my LONG stitching hiatus) 

Some of you know about my major back issues.  They started in 1996 suddenly while getting ready for work when I was pulling on my "control top' panty hose.  I bet you never knew that a simple act of struggling into those Leggs could create such a life altering situation.  In September, 1996 I began the horror of the first of five surgeries to deal with my degenerative disc disease  I had three decompressions from 96 - 2002 and a 4th surgery was performed to install rods & screws to try and stabilize my lumber from L-2 all the way down to my sacrum....IE: "butt bone".  Well within 6 months the screws starting backing out and this "cage" was shifting back & forth each time I moved, which as you can imagine was excruciating.  It took several appointments with my orthopedic surgeon with me in tears to convince him that something that shouldn't have happened did.  I won't even try to explain the x-ray procedure they went through to confirm what I had been telling them for weeks was happening.  Prior to surgery, I told my doctor I wanted the metal they took out of my back and was I ever SHOCKED.  They looked like screws that would be used to hold a car engine together!

You thought I was kidding didn't you ?? 

Surgery #5 was finally done in November, 2003 and bone graft was used to fuse the disc together and due to nerve damage caused by not only the original condition, but the shifting of metal for several months caused a pretty bad addiction to narcotics (among other drugs).  I was taking about 15 different drugs from pain pills, to antidepressants, to nausea meds (to keep the others down) and also to laxatives to keep the ole pipes flowing.  Those of you that have had to take pain medication for extended periods of time know that the longer you take them, the more resistant you become, so every few months the milligram dosage has to be increased and after a while no matter what the strength, NOTHING seems to work.  Not only was I having all this pain problem, in December, 2009  I was diagnosed with Sleep-Apnea and got to have the joys of wearing a wonderful C-Pap machine to sleep.    

WELL, on February 2, 2010, my husband, Jere came home from work and I literally didn't know who he was .... I was flipping out on drugs, the damn C-Pap and the ever persistent pain.  After calling a female friend to come over hoping to get me under control, he called my pain management doctor and then 911 to send me to the hospital.  I was detoxed over a period of 5 days and came home on Super Bowl Sunday.  I swore then to NEVER take narcotics again !!!  I never realized how much life was passing me by in the stupor I had been in for so long.  

After lots of therapy (both physical & mental) I finally was able to become human again and now I push through the pain with nothing stronger than a couple of Aleve.  That is not to say I am free of pain ... sometimes I just have to take my Aleve and go to bed or veg out in my recliner. BUT I am determined to not let myself become controlled by a bunch of pills again. Oh, and the Sleep-Apnea ?? It was being caused by all the drugs, so if you know anyone that needs a C-Pap machine,  I have one that was used for all of 3 months !

NOW .... on to the original purpose of this long explanation of a period of my life I want to both forget AND remember (so it never happens again). 

Over this long 7 years I had lost interest ,among other things, stitching.  In May of that year, I got back to stitching with a vengeance and finally discovered the joy of stitching on linen & evenweaves.  I began a wish list of patterns and fabrics I wanted on several web sites and put together a Word Document that became pretty long.  On November 1, 2010 I emailed the list to Jere with a hint that this was my list for Santa.  Of course, Jere is a wonderful, very smart husband when it comes to keeping me connected (computer, smart phone etc) but like many men has NO CLUE when it comes to arts & crafts, so I made this a very DETAILED list, with web sites, exact patterns and exact fabric color, size and count. And he did VERY WELL !!! 

Among other wonderful things (both stitch related and not) I got not only Glendon Place Witches Wheel with the beautiful Picture This Plus "Solar" fabric, but Glenda's Sleepy Hollow along with the PTP Haunted fabric (this will be a 2015 project).  

As the GP Witches Wheel was my first big project on linen, I started and stopped several times over the next 4 years.  In September of this year I picked it up and with my Irish determination finished it.


Completed 10.29.2014

Close up of one of the witches.

Now to see about mortgaging the house to get it framed like I want - triple matting using lime green, orange & purple to match the beads and a dynamic frame. 

After completing this gorgeous piece, I picked up another Halloween piece I stitched last year during October and put it away before adding the beads, planning to get it back out October 1st and add the beads.  Well, that didn't go as planned, so after finishing my evil witches I got it out and finished it in 3 days.  And boy is she a beauty !!! 

Halloween Fairy by Nora Corbett
September, 2008 issue of
Cross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine

Gonna have to increase that mortgage for another framing job.

The only other thing of note to mention is I am recovering from some oral surgery done yesterday.  

I have had a permanent bridge on the bottom left for about 20 years and the back "anchor" tooth began to hurt about 2 weeks ago.  After visiting my dentist, I was sent for a root canal.. About half way into the procedure, the endodontist suddenly stopped and gave me the wonderful news that my body was "re-absorbing: the tooth.  Nothing could be done but to have it removed, therefore losing TWO teeth (the anchor and the "false" tooth between)  Surgery went great and other that being a little sore and on a "soft" diet for a few days I am doing fine.  Now to see how much I will miss those two teeth next time I want to chow down on a juicy steak.

I know it has been a few weeks since my last update and this has been a lot of ramblings about poor me, but I am so very blessed.  I have a wonderful husband, 2 smart, great looking sons each with beautiful, EXCEPTIONAL wives, 4 grandchildren and another one on the way in May, 2015.  


Till next time,