Friday, March 27, 2015

Being a Widow for 2 weeks ....

... has been rather strange!

The Mr. left 2 weeks ago for a work trip up to the frozen tundra (Winnipeg) ... The morning after he left I woke up and rolled over to look at my clock.  I actually had to get up, rub my eyes a few times and really look at it to see what was wrong....

It was running ass backwards ... I mean the second had was turning counter clockwise, and the minute hand and hour hand were following stupidly along on it's misadventure. 

Think if I leave it be I'll eventually be 30 again ??

Then last Friday a huge box was delivered from Prince Sports.  (The man strings racquets and supplied various other racquetball paraphernalia) ... Inside was this:

Yep ... That's right.  Its a box of LEFT shoes ... Now mind you, Jere and I both still are in possession of BOTH our left AND RIGHT they are all different sizes ....

The mystery was solved when I called Prince Sports and found they were supposed to be shipped to a JEROME Jackson and not JEREMIAH Jackson.  I am awaiting a return call from said Prince about UPS picking this box a junk and forwarding it to the correct recipient .. They did email me a shipping label, but UPS wanted $10 to pick it up... I DON'T THINK SO ...

So ... Other than a bassackward clock, a box of left shoes AND losing Molly & Hershey for a little while (only in the house & back yard) this has been otherwise a pretty normal couple of weeks for me.

I do need to regress a bit though. 

I finally got a call from the GeekSquad about my laptop and it had to be resigned to computer heaven (or hell --whatever)  They decided to replace it with another of equal value so on the night of the biggest snow and ice storm this year the man and I ventured to Best Buy, getting there just before they announced they were closing early due to inclement weather.  NOT before I get my replacement computer, thank you very much.....

Actually the weather turned out to be a good thing.  I selected a Toshiba "Flip-and-Fold" which cost exactly what I was given credit for and because the streets got really bad (well bad for our area) the man's office was closed for the next 2 days and he was able to get all the software loaded and my email account moved over from the antique I had been using ... YAY !!!

Back to the weird and wacky week.

While the cats away, the mice will play and play I did (other than dealing with the weirdness of the clock and shoes)

Casa Jackson was hopping with activity for the watch parties.  Friday night the entire Albro Clan, Wynn Clan and Lee Clan joined me for the first of a 3 game series against Fayetteville.  Friday nights fare was BarbQue, with Kent providing a delish crock pot full of pulled pork.  I made potato salad and Reba and Anisha brought the buns, chips and desert.  GOOD FOOD, GOOD FRIENDS and a 4-1 WIN!!

Saturday was "bring your favorite frozen pizza" and salad.  Reba manned the oven while the boys brought in another victory of 3-1 against those pesky Antz.

Then Sunday afternoon we had a appitizer spread !!! My famous Meaty Cheese dip, BarBQue Meat balls, Chicken Wings, and lots of left over salad and potato salad along with 4 desserts !! 

Sunday's Spread

Cinnamon and Lemon Monkey Bread, Chocolate Souffle and Chocolate Angel Surprise

And the guys brought home the 3rd win of the weekend 2-1 to close out the SEASON SWEEP of the Fayetteville FireAntz!

The hockey family, in these pics don't look very excited, but it was a very exciting weekend.  (I think I snapped them while everyone was in a food coma)

Anisha & RJ

Reba & John

Kent & Frankie

On Monday, I gathered Peter 

at his apartment and we ventured to Downtown Memphis for dinner before collecting his sister, Jenna at the airport.  We went to Kooky Kanuck's ...

I took this from the inside sitting at our table !

on 2nd for some yummy burgers and something I had never tried before:

Poutine !! And it was delish !!! It is a Canadian dish made of fries, cheese curds and gravy ... oh my, was it GOOD !!! 

Afterwards, we ventured down a slightly scary ally  to Maggy Moo's for some home made Ice Cream!! 

Sprinkles are for winners! 

 Mine was Red Velvet Cake ice cream in a chocolate/nut dipped waffle cone and it melted faster than I could eat it !!! 

After ice cream we went and hung out at Memphis International until Jenna's plane arrived (30 minutes early !!)

Wednesday Sam (Elizabeth Ann) came & stayed the night & we worked on our quilt squares for the group quilt our Thursday morning group is making to donate to the church that has been allowing us to use a room for our classes.  She made Mexican Pizza's with some refried beans, cheese, tomatoes and black olives on some of Reba's home made tortillas !!! 

Here is one of her squares !!

She is doing so good !!! 

Then on Thursday we took all our squares to class and put them together !!!

This is going to be a beautiful quilt and hopefully a successful fundraiser for the church.

After class we picked up Peter and Jenna and went to the Albro Farm for a lunch of Loaded Baked Potatoes and Salad .... Peter and Jenna had fun playing with the goats after lunch!

While in Canada, Jere had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with the father of one of out hockey players.  Maurice Ciarelli ...

... treated him to a lot of Italian hospitality and good ole home cooked food AND hockey.  He spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Ciarelli compound....

 .....eating and watching our team play 3 great WINNING games against Fayetteville then on Thursday he was treated to his first NHL game where the Winnipeg Jets beat the St Louis Blues in a shoot out.


And FRIDAY .... it's finally FRIDAY ... Jere willbe home and hopefully all the weirdness of the 2 weeks will 


Till next time,



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