Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alive and well ....

.... in Memphis ....

OMG ... has it really been a month since my last update ?? Life has been pretty crazy around Casa Jackson so today is the day to play catch-up ...

Jere arrive back in the Mid-South at the 17:00 minute mark of an amazing hockey game against Peoria - the reigning 1st place team (our boys won that one 8-3).  After losing the following night in a very close match-up again against Peoria, the Kings placed 4th in the regular season standings.  The first round pitted them against the Pensacola Ice Flyers who were the defending champions of the President's Cup for the past 2 years.  With Pensacola placing 3rd, they had "Home Ice Advantage" so the 1st game was played in their barn.  It was a hard fought game and our boys came out on top with a final score of 3-2 with the winning goal coming with 3:49 remaining it the 2nd overtime period.  Back in Southaven on Friday, they fell short 2-1 when an Ice Flyer scored against Peter at the 8:08 mark in overtime.  After a long bus ride back to Pensacola, our guys were amazing maintaining a 2-1 lead.  With 8.01 seconds remaining in the 3rd period, there was a pile-up in the King's net and Peter ended up under several players.  When the strap on his mask came loose, he reached up, took his mask off to re-position and secure it and was charged with a penalty !!!! (total bullshit IMHO) ...

Pensacola was awarded a penalty shot (total BULLSHIT) and of course sent their top scoring player out to take it.  WELL..... Corey Banfield took it and went to the goalie's backhand, but Peter gobbled it up with his glove to preserve the RiverKings win, 2-1. My favorite thing I guess of the entire season was when, after saving that goal, Peter skated to the right and tossed that gloved puck to the side with an "IN YOUR FACE" attitude.

In the other SPHL match-ups of the 6 top teams ALL 3 top seeded teams were eliminated in the 1st round.  With Mississippi finishing the regular season in 4th place that placed them top seed for the 2nd round which gave them a bye...

With the 1st round win, the Kings advanced to the finals which SHOULD HAVE given them home ice advantage but alas, NO HOME ICE... deja vu all over again.  THE CIRCUS took precedence over THE ONLY PERMANENT RESIDENT OF LANDERS CENTER.  (more BULLSHIT - or rather Elephant Shit).

That meant everyone had to pack up and head 7 hours away to Knoxville for finals. 

While we had a great trip and enjoyed hanging with the guys and some of their family at the hotel, watching practices and being welcomed and treated well by the Ice Bear's fans, the outcome wasn't what we had planned for or wanted.  The Kings fell to second place with Thursday's loss of 3-2 and Saturday's loss of 4-2. 

Saturday night after the game we went to Applebee's to decompressed.

Peter & Christine

And later, Peter, as promised, shed himself of that awful beard !!

Look at that baby face !

It was a great season all in all and being the Sponsor Family of Peter Anthoni Di Salvo made this season the absolute best for me and Jere !!!

For weeks, our friend Kent had been talking about his excitement for the spring weather to get good enough to get out on his motorcycle. 

Frankie & Kent enjoying the game!

On March 24th while riding up Austin Peay, a lady - in a Mercedes - TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE - pulled out of a shopping center and sent him FLYING.  When he arrived at the Trauma Center he had (among other injuries) a broken lumbar vertebra,  several broken ribs which caused 2 collapsed lungs, a completely crushes right leg, right arm broken in several places, left ankle and left wrist broken.  To me, it is amazing they were able to revive him at the scene.

OH and BTW, according to the accident report the woman had no liability insurance.  Shouldn't she be sitting in jail the entire time Kent is in the hospital ?????

Well, it has been a month and thank God, Kent survived, been patched up and hopes to be released soon to a skilled facility to continue healing and rehabbing.  Oh, he has sworn off motorcycles ....

This last week, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL !!! I spent 2 days in the back yard cleaning and planting. 

(I do like the painted version of the turquoise pot! )

Lemongrass (aka Mosquito grass) & Dianthus (aka Pink Clownfish)

The window boxes on the front of the house....

Aquilegia (aka Columbine) & Japanese Painted Fern

Sassy (the dirty car) with new Boston Ferns

The evil Cacti - repotted

The window boxes on the back of the house.

Lithadora. Salvia & Impatients

 ..... On tap for next week is the flower beds in the front of the house and refinishing the Adirondack chairs. 

Now that I've got MY HALF of the patio cleaned up and pretty ..... it's Jere's turn to clean up this mess !!!

Lizzie the '65 Mustang undercover

Today we're going to the Albro Farm for a "Farewell" party.  Peter is heading to Australia for a month of hockey on Tuesday before going home to Canada for the summer ..... 

One last picture of him holding one of the baby goats!

Sure gonna miss this guy !!

Till Next time,


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  1. Wowser! What a month. I am so sorry you had to go through that accident experience! I swear Mercedes think the world ought to stop for them-- and I'm with you-- she should sit in jail while her victim is in the hospital, and her car, house, job ought to be paying all the bills. Love the hockey news! The end of "beard season" is both happy and sad, isn't it? :)

    Here's to next month being better for you!