Sunday, October 25, 2015

My world the last 3 months ...

I could say I was busy traveling or partying like a maniac, but in fact, I have just been a lazy bum.

Well not exactly ... Really quite a bit has been going on.

BASEBALL season ended with our Redbirds finishing 2nd in their division behind Round Rock.  HOWEVER, during the last 2 months of the season, 15 of our players were called up to the majors (St. Louis Cardinals) where THEY went on to lead the team to a divisional victory winning 100 games for the regular season.  Unfortunately the Cards were knocked out in the 1st round of playoffs by the Chicago Cubs.

FOOTBALL season (NCAA) began with our University of Memphis Tigers taking the field and gave us a blow out win (63-7) on September 5th against Missouri State.  They have gone on to be undefeated this season with 55-23 against Kansas, 44-41 against Bowling Green, 53-46 against Cincinnati, 24- 17 against South Florida, 37-24 against Ole Miss (BIG RIVALRY WIN !!) and 66-42 against Tulsa.

HOCKEY: Pre-season training camp started on October 11th and the day before Christine delivered Peter to Southaven and I joined them at Memphis BarBQue for dinner.  It was SO GOOD to have our hockey son back in town for the season !!!

The season officially started October 23rd when the Kings succumbed to the Ice Gators in the home opener 2-0.   It was a hard fought battle, but it was good to see one of our boys from last season, Adam (who was in net last year for the Kings).

Last night was their first Away game of the season and they took down the new kids on the block, The Macon Mayhem 4-1 in their barn.

The gang was all here at Casa Jackson to watch the boys and it was pretty wild and crazy!! Of course the Albros were here, Reba, John and 4 of the kids...Elizabeth Ann (Sam), Gracie, Owen and Lily.  The Wynns, RJ, Anisha and Angela came bearing DESSERT !! The Lees, Frankie & Kent made it and it was SO GOOD to see Kent is now able to get around on crutches !!! There is still a halo drilled into his right leg and he isn't moving very fast, BUT AT LEAST HE IS MOVING .. and was actually able to get up the one step into the house without any help!!! Then we had some new additions to our group.  Christine and her gang, Caden, Kylee and Grayson came to cheer on her main man, Peter (who actually wasn't even in net for this game)...but that didn't matter ... it was a great watch party.  On the menu was Loaded Baked Potatoes, with just about anything you can imagine on the buffet to load them with.

And what would a hockey party be without a penalty box??

Next game ... Friday October 30th where the boys will be in Columbus taking on the Cottonmouths and the gang will all be here, sans Christine where we will be cheering the guys on to victory!!!  Tacos are on the menu and I'm sure at some point John will be back in the Penalty Box!  

ON THE STITCHIN FRONT:  The first of the year, I joined an online group called "Stitch from Stash".  (See my page by clicking on the tab up there ↑)   The point and goal of this group is to restrain from adding more stash and attempt to complete what is on hand by limiting your spending to < $25.00 per month on fabric, thread & charts...which to a cross stitcher is like being in JAIL ... 

I think I have managed to do quite well, considering when I checked I had more than 85 COMPLETELY kitted up projects and probably enough fabric, thread and other magazines, charts and books to keep me busy for more than 3 lifetimes (but that isn't the point, is it??)

So far this year I have managed to complete 12 cross stitch projects as well as 5 quilts and 2 quilted table runners while spending only $26.28 on cross stitch stash.  I also have 3 quilts pin basted, 1 of which will be machine quilted and the other 2 I'll hand quilt when it gets a little cooler (It is very snugly with a big queen size quilt in your lap).

I've been updating the SFS page, but not my "Completed Cross Stitch" page this year, so that is my goal for this rainy Sunday while watching football and drinking large amounts of coffee.

We lost our sweet Amy. 

On August 12th when I took Hershey in for her annual exam, I also took Amy to get Doc to check out a goopy eye.  Well, anytime they see their vet he does a cursory exam and discovered what he thought was a full bladder.  Thinking it was a UTI he did a test and nope ... not that ... so he asked me to leave her and let him run some more tests .... In a X-ray he saw what appeared to be a growth or tumor attached to her bladder and it was invading her urinary tract.  Two days later the lab results came back and she had a stage 3 abdominal sarcoma.  At her age and the place the tumor was it just wasn't feasible to put her through the extensive surgery with no guarantee they could even get the entire tumor.  After all she would be 15 on September 11th.  We decided to just give her as much love and hugs we could until it was time to let her go.  Usually when I head to the bedroom at night Amy tries her best to beat me into bed.  We usually spend a few minutes snuggling and then she dashes up to my pillow and settles in above my head.  Well on August 25th she refused to take her meds, which she usually loves and then began sort of stumbling around.  I took her to the bedroom and put her up on her pillow but she just began yelping... I got up and held her and rocked her all night until she quietly took her last breath in my arms at 6:30.  I am so thankful that she didn't force us to make that awful decision and did it her way.  She is up in heaven waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge with her baby boy, Bruno ... and all the other pets I have loved and lost.

Amy Lynn 9.11.2000 - 8.26.2015



It is really hard to believe that Wesley is 5 months old and Nash just turned 3 months!!! They are growing so fast and I really wish they were closer because Granna is missing so much!! 

Their moms do keep me posted with pictures and I won't force you to see them all but here are a few really cuties !!!


I'm ready for work, Dad!

You want a Raspberry .... I'll show you a Raspberry!

Don't bother me now, UT is getting stomped again and Dad is pissed ! 

OK .... I added some more clothes .... Is this better ?? 

Mom and Dad have such funny faces, don't they??  !!!!! 


All saddled up and ready to ride ! 

Just like my Dad, I love my Tonka!

One month already !! 

I get so excited when Mom points that little box at me !!! 

I'm so cute ... and look how big me feet are

Trick or Treat ... and get this itchy thing off my cute face ! 

Well, I think that just about catches thing up at Casa Jackson.  The only other thing I can think of is that I thought I was going to have to have my bum left knee replaced, but after a visit to my Ortho-Doc I'm awaiting an MRI to see what is going on.  He said he thought there may be a small tear and a "simple" scope would fix me up.  I'll have more news next week hopefully.

I'll leave you now with this message: 


Till next time,


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  1. So sorry for your loss!

    What a cutie that little guy is! Congratulations!