Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All is still well @ Casa Jackson ....

.... OH My !!!  10 MONTHS since an update !! Let me see how the ole noggin is working or if my "Old-heimers" is going full tilt.

Let's see.  There was an entire season of Hockey, which I could not for the life of me recap.  However, our boys did make the playoffs and for the first time in years had home ice!  Sadly they lost out in the first round :(  .....

In January I became a GREAT GRANDMOTHER !!! My grandson Michael and his wife Katelyn delivered this little butter ball, Everette  on January 30th.  He looks just like his dad!!!


Wesley turned 1 on May 19th ...

And Nash turned 1 on July 24th ...

My 4 legged babies are doing great for FOUR GERIATRICS!
Little Bit who lost her right eye about a year ago to glaucoma has also lost vision in her remaining left eye, but darn it if she doesn't get around fine.  However, a few weeks ago she got out in the back yard and got "stuck" out in the sun.  At the back of the yard there is a drainage ditch that, years ago Jere blocked off with railroad ties and added some screen over it to prevent the pups from getting into it.  Well in her blind wandering she got over the railroad tie and on the screen and couldn't see to get out.  She was stuck there for about 45 minutes and the heat index was 110+.  When Jere realized she was "lost" somewhere and finally got her in she was limp.  He took her to the vet where she spent the night on IV fluids and oxygen.  Her kidneys were also effected by getting overheated.  The next day (and several hundred $$$ later) she came home with 3 prescriptions and special food.
Molly has had a nasty growth (doctor thought it was a wart or mole) that was the size of a peanut for 2-3 years until about 6 months ago began growing and getting icky.  WELL .... the day before I was to leave on my BIG cross stitch retreat to Tulsa the damn thing hemorrhaged.  Blood was spurting everywhere.  We rushed her to Memphis Veterinary Specialists and they got it cleaned and put a pressure bandage on her with instructions to see a doctor the next day. 
 None of the specialists had an opening the next day, so Jere had to take her on Wednesday.  They kept her overnight and removed it along with the left lymph node that also had a small "tumor" in it. 
The following week we got the path report back that it was a malignant sebaceous carcinoma.  She turned 16 on May 31st so we don't feel that putting her through any treatments like chemo would improve the quality of her life or prolong it, so we are just going to watch her and give palliative care until the time comes to let her go.  I so hope I don't have to make that decision and she will quietly go to the Rainbow Bridge on her own.
Nestle and Hershey are great.  While Nestle has issues with walking due to a back injury from a couple of years ago and he does have a pretty bad cataract in his right eye he is such a sweetie !!!
And Hershey .... well she is just being Hershey ... Healthy as a horse!
I have been stitching like a maniac!  I have lots of completed (tho not "finished") projects that will take a bit to photograph so I'll stop here, go fold laundry and get the ole camera out.
Till next time,


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