Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Monday ...

I finally had a little "repair" work done on the ole body last week and have been sitting here wondering why I waited so long to have it done.  A simple 45 minute procedure has drastically changed my life for the better !! Pain meds prevented me from concentrating on my October Buddy Challenge ... put in 20 stitches, ripped out 18... so am just chilling and catching up on some reruns of Law & Order ....

Here is where I stopped (when I ran out of thread for the wings) on my Mira Halloween Fairy.

Jere made it to my LNS and got another skein of Crescent Colors "Dandelion Stem" on Saturday, and so far today, I haven't needed that wonderful little pill for pain, so I hope to get back on it after I finish my yummy coffee with Pumpkin Pie creamer .... ahhhh do love the fall and all these luscious flavors !!! 

Wednesday I made a great big pot of Momma Healy's Chicken & Dumplins ... comfort food. 

Momma Healy's Chicken & Dumplins

3-4 chicken breasts with ribs & skin -the skin helps flavor the broth
4-5 ribs celery, sliced
1 medium onion, diced
1 package chicken stock (made by Knorrs)
1 can chicken Swanson's Chicken broth
4 cans biscuits (i use the cheap kind from Kroger)

Wash chicken breast, leaving ribs & skin on. Place in large stock pot and cover with about 2 inches water. Add onion, celery & stock. Place lid on pot and boil until chicken is done.Remove to cool. Keeping the broth to a rolling boil pinch pieces of biscuits (about 4-5 pieces of each) into broth stirring after each can addition. If necessary add some or all of the canned broth, but you don't want it too juicy just enough that the dumplins can cook The flour in the biscuits will make a nice thick gravy. Place lid on pot and simmer on medium for about 20 minutes, stirring about every 5 minutes to prevent sticking. They will puff up into nice fluffy dumpllins While they are cooking remove skin & bones from chicken and shred in bite size pieces. Add chicken to pot and stir well. At this point you can add fresh cracked pepper and salt to taste.

I think there is enough left over in the fridge to have 1 more bowl today for lunch.... already getting hungry! 

There are several blogs I love reading and keeping up with what others out on the WWW are doing, but I just discovered a new one today. 

Nancy over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a giveaway of 80 skeins of her beautiful hand dyed floss .... Oh my, what fun I could have stitching with these lovelies !!!

Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe

Dash over to her blog and take a look around!

During this short stitching sabbatical, I have been rethinking my 2015 Crazy Challenge.  The threads for one project seem to have been discontinued and I also seem to have way too many big projects, so I think I'll be making some changes to my list ...... stay tuned for details to follow sometime in December. 

Time to get stitching !

Till next time


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