Sunday, October 5, 2014

Just Realized ...

...that I haven't posted about a stitching challenge I am participating in on Cross Stitch Friendly Circle Facebook Group called The October Month Long Buddy Challenge.  It runs from October 1st  12:05am to October 31st at 11:45pm.  I was given Gill Wood who lives in Spalding, Lincolnshire as my buddy.  The way things work is your "buddy" selects a variety of projects she wants to work on during the month with the goal of completing them during the month and you select a variety of projects you want to work on.  We each decide on what we want the other to do.  Well, Gill has a BAP (Big Ass Project) she has been working on as I believe a Christmas gift for her father, so she really wanted to spend the month seeing if she could get it completed, which was great for me.. didn't have to think about it or see lots of things I would ohh and ahh over and want to dash over to 123Stitch or The Silver Needle and hit up my PayPal account for more stash.  I picked 5 things for Gill to choose from... a WIP (Glendon Place - Witches Wheel) and 4 new projects. 

She picked:

 Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia

 Though I was up at 12:05 a.m. on October 1st, I was trying to finish up on Part 2 of my Sam Sarah "Something Wicked" mystery stitch which I didn't do BTW. 

Here is how far I got with it until I literally fell asleep with needle in hand.  (no blood occurred !)

Sorry, its a little wrinkled :)

Ok, so I started on Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy on October 1st and 3 1/2 days here is where I stopped when I had to leave for Michel (grandson) and Katelyn's wedding.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Michael Healy.

And a really beautiful wedding it was ... on the lawn at Katelyn's grandmother's historical house in Aberdeen, MS.

Gonna try and get a few more stitches in before I crash.

Till next time,


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