Monday, October 6, 2014

Eight Days.....

..... VACATION... Well, not really a vacation per say, but Jere is off to his annual beer drinking, racquetball playing, paling around with all his guy buddies in Minneapolis.  Yes, it is that time of year when I can be a bum and do what ever I want (within reason) .... sleep - not sleep, shower - not shower,  cook - not cook, whatever !! And I plan on doing just that.

This morning. however, I had to go to the doctor to get pre-op labs for a little upcoming surgical repair on the old body.  Got there on time, paid my co-pay and surgical "out-of-pocket" amount, got called back into a room and then was told the doctor was running late in his morning surgery.  Now I am not a patient person, but it did bring back memories of being at my OB when pregnant and the doctor was "held up" in surgery, but that was OK ... I knew he was delivering someones bundle of joy and someday it would be my turn..... but this doctor doesn't deliver babies!! They need to reconsider how they schedule appointments....

 OUCH !!

The vampire got a bit carried away.....

Oh well, hopefully it goes away before next week and I get new pretty colorful "tattoos" from the IV.

Here is a snap of my Mira Halloween Fairy through stitching on 10.5.2014

Game 3 of the Cardinal/Dodger first round playoffs are about to start so gonna go stitch & watch em play some post season ball

Till next time



  1. She is looking gorgeous! And ouch for your poor arm!

  2. Thanks for the visit !! My bruised arm did go away within a few days and I had a really good "vampire" for my IV ... no bruise at all ...LOL !