Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So much to share, so little time ....

 .....and oh my, it might take me a week to record ALL that has happened during the month of May, 2015 !!!

In no particular order of excitement or importance, here is a list of "some" of what has been going on in and around Casa Jackson the last 30 days.

1.  Our "hockey son" Peter's wild success in Perth, Australia !
2.  My trip to Clarksville and seeing Chelsea's 30 week ultrasound of our little Nash-tater!
3.  The TRAUMATIC events of Mother's Day, 2015!
4.  Progress on our friend Kent!
5.  The arrival of my newest grandson, Wesley!

To start the month of May off, Peter arrived safely in Sydney, Australia on May 1st (Australian time) and proceeded to lead the Perth Thunder to 6 .... SIX ... consecutive wins (with 2 SHUTOUTS !!!) ... I am so glad to have him back in the northern hemisphere but am so happy he had the wonderful opportunity to visit "down under" and that he has another wonderful item to add to his resume!  I also am keeping fingers and toes crossed that we will see him back in net at Lander's Center in October, but also will be so proud to see him called up to the ECHL ... which would be a great career move.

He plans to visit south Mississippi and Christine in August, so hopefully they will venture north and we will get at least a short visit... (your guitar is still safe).

On May 7th, I headed to Clarksville to spend a couple of days with my son, Ned and DIL Chelsea.  They invited me up to attend Chelsea's 30 week ultrasound and see our little Nash ...

My sons were born in 1974 & 1980 and this was before the days of ultrasounds so this was VERY exciting for me.  To see that little fella moving around was amazing!!! He was so cute when he put his hand up to his face like "Leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep in here"!

I can see so much of my son in this little face.  Can't wait until the middle of July to meet our little Nash !!!

MOTHER'S DAY ..... oh boy !

The day started out rather nicely, with a trip to AutoZone Park and a lovely Mother's Day brunch up in the Champion's Club.  The best thing on the buffet was Shrimp & Grits !!! and I had 3 plates full !!! Afterwards, what every mother wants to do on Mother's Day, we watched as our team got sadly shut out by the New Orleans Zephyrs. 

After the game, we came home as normal, fed the dogs and while 3 of my four legged crew are picky eaters and have to be prodded to eat, Molly is always the first to the table and finishes scarfing down her dinner in 3 minutes flat! Well, not this night ... she ate a couple of bites and rushed to the door ... outside she tried and tried to go poo...but nothing happened.  This wend on for about an hour .. Run out ... try to poo ... back in .... out ... in .... out ... in .... she just wouldn't settle down, and I have never heard of a dog being constipated !?!?! ...Finally around 11:00 I noticed a few spots of blood in her bed and got on the phone to Memphis Animal Specialist after hours clinic.  The said I needed to bring her in... WELL ... poor baby wasn't constipated ... When we got there she suddenly peed a pool of blood .... FOUND IT ... a raging UTI !!

Two shots, Two prescriptions and Two hours + $328.49 later we were on our way home. 

When I got into the car, (since it was 2:00 a.m.) I called Jere to let him know what the doctor said and that we would be home in 15 minutes ....

As I walked into the door, Jere called out "Honey, I think I need your help" ..... I rounded the corner into the kitchen and it looked like the scene from Psycho .... (except no shower) .... My kitchen floor was covered in blood and Jere looked like this:

After cleaning up capacious puddles of blood, we headed the human ER ..... CT scan, X-rays, 2 IV doses of Dilaudid and 6 stitches later we were back home with TWO prescriptions for him....

Apparently after talking to me, Jere got up, went into the kitchen to get a drink of soda and started choking.  The doctor said that apparently while coughing and choking he hyperventilated and subsequently his blood pressure dropped and he passed out.  We still don't know how long he was out (he says it was at least 10 minutes),  what he hit when he fell but suspect it was just the floor or where he popped his head open like a smashed pumpkin.  What the doctor didn't tell us (which he found out when his doctor reviewed the ER records a week later when the stitches were removed) was he had a concussion !!! He came home, took a couple of pain pills and went to bed.  The scary thing is that he slept most of the morning.  WITH A CONCUSSION !!! He could have woke up dead !!!

This is what it looked like 2 days later:

I think we will just skip Mother's Day next year !!!

The one good thing that happened on Mother's Day was we visited our friend Kent.  I am so very happy to report that he is OUT of the hospital (but in a rehab facility for probably 2 months) and doing well.  They have removed the cast from both arms and his left leg.  He still has those two awful rods and "halos" around his right leg, but they are intensely rehabbing him. 

And now .... for the BIG news !!!

Wesley Drake Salemi
May 19,2015 @ 5:35 p.m.
8 lbs. 7 oz.
22.5 inches

I'm a GRANDMOTHER again!!

My younger son Robbie and his wife Mallory welcomed their first child, little Wesley into the world !!!

So if you get easily bored with baby pictures, just scroll on down to the end !!!

Yes Robbie, you were SMALLER than this at one time !

Mom & Wesley
(Sorry Mallory, he looks JUST like his dad!)

Robbie is already teaching him bad habits!

What a difference a week makes !!

I don't know about the "more saving" ... but I'm sure there will be "more doing"!

And just one more !!!

Two Weeks already!

I'm finally heading to Georgia on Saturday to meet this little guy .. CAN'T WAIT !!!!!

That's not ALL that happened during May, 2015 (isn't it enough ???) but I won't bore you with the mundane details of my exciting life. 

I am happy to report that Jere is fine ..... Just a new crinkle to his wrinkles and Molly is back to her happy, hungry self. 

More to report next week on my trip to meet my new Grandson!!!

Till next time,


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