Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I AM A ROCK .....


.....but more about that later ...

When I left you 2 weeks ago, I was telling you about Nestle and his little health issue that delayed my trip to meet my new Grandson, Wesley.

Nestle is so much better and although his hindquarters are still weak, he is walking and actually has learned a little hop/run that gets him around quite nicely.  And I have noticed for the first time since Bruno went up and over The Rainbow Bridge, that Nestle is carrying his beloved toys around again.  Dogs grieve, just like we do, I have discovered.

Well finally on June 13th I headed southeast to Georgia.  My car (AKA Sassy) came with this really cool system that syncs up my phone where I can talk on it hands free AND it has an integrated Navigation system.  So I plugged in the address of the hotel I was staying at and off I went.  Five and a half hours later when I should be pulling into the Hampton Inn I found myself (following Sassy's instructions) turning onto a gravel road (just outside of Gadsden, AL.)  Now mind you, this road was about as wide as my car (which is a Ford Escape and not very big) was VERY curvy and hilly with nice deep gullies (along the side) and nice, deep "pot holes" (if you can even have pot holes on a gravel road ???) and all I could see on both sides was thick woods with trees overhanging the road.  Any minute I was expecting to see toothless fat men in whitey tighties with banjos.  The movie  Deliverance came to mind.  After carefully driving the hills and curves, I was finally spit out into a nice little VERY country town....and still 2 hours away from where I had planned to be about this time !!!!!

I finally arrived at my destination 2 1/2 hours late and Mr. Wesley was just about to wake up from his afternoon nap. 

I know all grandmothers think their babies are beautiful, but I am correct about this little cuties, right ???  

And he is such a GOOD baby.  While he has his fussy time between 6 & 10 p.m. It is not really his fault (Granna says) !!!

His mom has him on a pretty strict schedule and while he is fed every 4 hours and allowed to play or nap during the day, in the evening they make him stay awake after the 6:00 bottle and at 9:30 he gets his bath and then he attacks his night time bottle (all 7 ounces of it!). The bouncing and rocking and walking and taking him outside is stressful !!! But it works.  He has slept through the night (until around 5:30 a.m.) since he was 5 days old !!! Neither of my boys slept through the night until around 3 months ... So It Works!

Sunday morning before heading back to Memphis, we went to a local (VERY GOOD) Mexican restaurant and while the grownups were having lunch, Wesley slept in his car seat/carrier the whole time like a good boy!  (Just what I like to see kids do at restaurants)

As I discovered after Robbie said something about the Nav settings on Sassy, it was set to avoid freeways !!!!! I seem to remember my older son, Ned changing my settings when I was in Clarkesville a few weeks back, so INSTEAD of going through Birmingham it took me through Gadsden and was 2 lane roads the whole way (plus Deliverance).  So I changed the settings and had a lovely, fast 5 1/2 hour drive back home on nice 4 lane highways!

Now .... back to that "I AM A ROCK" thing ...

So on the previous Thursday, I was tooling down Highway 51 between Horn Lake & Hernando with Sam on our way to our weekly Quilting Group when WHAM it sounded like a bullet hit my car ... and there just below my field of vision was a huge rock hole .....

those extra spots are just bug guts ... and please ignore the orange nails !

Thank goodness for Tennessee Farmers Insurance and the fact that I have a zero deductible on comprehensive coverage.  And as it was Thursday, of course the glass company was booked up on Friday and it would be Monday before it could be replaced.

One brand new windshield with instructions to not wash it for 48 hours and I was back in business!

Until ......

Wednesday .... when I was driving home (again from Hernando and another sewing class) and as I was rounding the curve on I-40 just before the Hollywood Boulevard exit ..... WHAM .... ANOTHER DAMN ROCK HIT MY WINDSHIELD !!!!!!! 

About 2 inches below where the first one did !!!!!!! Another call, another appointment, on another windshield install on another Monday !!!!!  Thank GOD I have good insurance because each of these windshields were $654.97 .... Yes .... Six Hundred Fifty Four Dollars and Ninety Sever Cents !!!

I just want to cry at what I could have bought with that $1,309.94 .........

Friday, I got up early and put a 10.5 pound pork shoulder on the smoker to take to Clarkesville the next day to my OTHER son's house.  Sunday was to be Chelsea's "Tennessee" baby shower and all the grandkids were going to be there .... AND IT WAS RAINING !!! I moved Jere's truck out of the carport and rolled the smoker around ... mind you, the shoulder would need to smoke for around 12 hours and I would need to "mop" it about every 45 minutes, so I was NOT going to do that all day IN THE RAIN ..!!! 

Well, it turned out perfect, and everyone enjoyed it Saturday night along with baked beans and KFC slaw.  

Oh and btw, the drive to Clarkesville was perfect ... no gravel roads, although I did have a short distance on 2 laners.  

Sunday the shower was really nice and Chelsea got SO MUCH STUFF (I'm sure she is still "nesting" trying to find the right spot to put everything in it's proper place) ...   Look at this cute little centerpiece someone found made from Pampers! 

After the shower I believe they have everything they need to take care of business (and then some) .... now all we need is a baby ...... Arriving July 19th !!!!!

I think that about catches things up.  Next post will be a lot of stuff about my quilting and cross stitch projects.  I've been neglecting posting about that, but production is still happening on that front.

Till next time,


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