Friday, June 26, 2015

What about those ...

TwistedNTangled Threads ???

While I have been talking about new grandchildren, sick dogs, accident prone husbands and rocks I have neglected to talk about what this blog originally was started for and that is my Stitchin !!! 

Way back in January I ordered a couple of cross stitch related items from The Stitching Post, a little shop in Tulsa, OK that I have been doing business with for many years.  When I received my package in the mail (oh, BTW, post office rant to follow) tucked into the envelope were 2 sheets of paper.  One was a really interesting article about Harikiyo, The Festival of Broken Needles which I posted about on February 8th.  The other was a flier for a Summer Stitching event to be help there next month.  Well, I had hoped to attend the Celebration of Needlework in Missouri this year, but sadly the couple that sponsors it are retiring ... so I thought "Why Not !!!"  After paying my registeration fee I got an envelope of small patterns designed by The Drawn Thread and La D Da to stitch up in preparation for the finishing classes.

The Retreat is July 14 - 18 so I have about 2 weeks to finish up this last one !!!

So, I've also mentioned that I am going to Hernando for a Quilting group/class.  I am having fun with "Fabric Art" piecing scraps of material into quilt squares !!

Tiny left over scraps - some 1x1 inch stitched on adding machine paper

Border is the strip of adding machine paper stitched scraps ! 

English paper piecing

Foundation paper piecing

Foundation paper piecing 

Applicaide Heart

Wonky left over Flying Geese squares

Tiny 3" blocks made into a 4 - 16 patch squares

Foundation paper piecing

Drunkard's Path

And then there is the sewing classes I am helping my friend Kaye teach to 7 little 9 - 12 year old girls.  The first class we taught them how to thread their sewing machines and how to sew a straight line.  They all made little 9 patch pillows.  Last week they learned foundation sewing and all made these cute little pin cushions using fabric selvedges!

Next week they are going to make aprons like this one .....

..... so I batter say ...'till next time and get things prepared for class !

Till next time.


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