Thursday, December 15, 2016

Another week in review ....

The week here at Casa Jackson, thank God, has been pretty much uneventful. 

Thursday I spent the day as usual doing a bit of laundry and watching tons of FlossTube episodes from many very talented stitchers and .... ummm... cross stitching - duh?

I did find a very interesting episode on Pam Reid's FlossTube aka- Pam's Crafty Corner showing her creation of a Lap Stitching stand made of PVC pipe along with a great tutorial on how you  .... YES, YOU CINDI ....can make one!

Well, the next day after a very early doctor's appointment for lab work in preparation for my upcoming annual physical I stopped by Home Depot and for the bargain price of $6.72 bought the required supplies from their plumbing department.  That night, Jere did his thing and cut the lengths, filed down the rough edges and put this handy dandy ditty together for me!

and the next day I stitched up a modified qSnap cover aka- grime guard. 

As shown above, the actual frame that the fabric attaches to comes off the stand, and the open end pieces will flip down to make it flat for storage. 

However, Monday I returned to said Home Depot plumbing department and for the bargain price of $7.29 purchased another 10' length of PVC and the 90° elbows and T connectors to  make 3 MORE frames.  I can keep 4 projects on the frames and switch them out on the stand as I rotate through my projects!

Boring dental cleaning was about all that happened on Tuesday and another boring Doctor's appointment on Wednesday for my annual physical .... Everything went fine at both and according to Dr. K I should live at least another 12 months.  See ya next year ! (unless that flu shot you gave me doesn't work - or GIVES ME THE FLU!)

As you can see in the last photo there is a project on the frame to my NEW WONDERFUL LAP STAND!
That is a UFO from around 3 years ago I pulled out on Friday .........
FINISHED 12/14/16

Something Wicked
by La D Da
stitched on 32 CT. Pumpkin linen
using Rainbow Gallery Splendor Silk


This weekend the RiverKings will be traveling to Knoxville for games Friday & Saturday nights. Check back after the weekend for a recap of the games.
Also, I will be working on this:

272 Words
by Primrose Needleworks

Midnight Brew
by Autumn Lane Stitchery
That's all for now!
Till next time,

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