Friday, December 23, 2016

....The weather outside is .....

..... Ridiculous !!!

When I last posted on Thursday, the 15th the high temp for that day was 36° with a low of 28°. 


Then on Saturday it got up to 76°!

WTF ??? I had to turn the a/c back on while cooking as I was melting into a puddle on the kitchen floor !! I sure HOPE that flu shot I got last week works cause this weather ?!#%!!!

Our boys (aka The RiverKings) traveled Friday to Knoxville for a weekend series against the Ice Bears.  Well, while the bears were ferocious, the Kings were the champions! 

Friday night, with Brad Barone in net the boys took the win 6-4. It was a rather slow, boring game, but hey, a win is a win!

 Saturday night's game was a VERY PHYSICAL game.

Peter was awesome (as usual) in net stopping 29 of 32 shots giving the Kings a 4-3 win!

Two of out guys were hurt during boarding incidents.  Brant Sherwood had his shoulder popped out of place and Dillan Fox got a separated collar bone... OUCH... while Sherwood will likely be back in a game or two, Fox will probably be on IR for a few games ... and with both guys having 38 combined points for the season, we are going to miss their offensive play on the ice.

With the weekend series win it puts us into second place, just 3 points behind the league leader, The Macon Mayhem and with the mid season fast approaching we are in a great spot !!!

I have been stitching a bit, but haven't completed anything cross stitch related.  I'm working on my 272 Words by Primrose Needleworks, Midnight Brew by Autumn Lane and Twisted Band Sampler by Northern Expressions, but other than completing the moon on MB in glow in the dark thread, don't have much to show.
But I DID make a "peek-a-boo" project bag. 
Its a little rough and I learned a lot of things playing around with it....
While digging around in my plastic totes for fabric I found a ziplock with 2 projects I have had for around 15 years and totally forgot about !!! I know I bought them at Stitching Post in Nashville when I was visiting a friend that used to live there ... and I believe it was in 2001! 
The 1st one Candy Cane Christmas by Sebby's Designs also with a $19.90 pack of buttons! The 2nd is Deck the Halls by Bent Creek along with a $20.50 pack of buttons for embellishments.  
Candy Cane Christmas
by Sebby Designs
Deck the Halls
by Bent Creek

Deck the Halls has 32 ct. raw linen and I am substituting Arctic Rays for one of the green flosses in the holly to add fuzzy sparkle.  While in my early days of cross stitch, I did a lot of holiday and snowman themed pieces, it has been years since I have stitched anything "Christmasy".  (maybe next week I'll post pics of all my early pieces)
HOWEVER....since it is December and Christmas is in a couple of days, I think I'll stitch one of these up ... lets see if I can finish by Sunday!
Gotta go stitch !
Till next time,


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  1. I can't believe the weather we have had here too. Love those projects you found-it is always great to get a nice surprise.