Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Out with the old....

In with the new ....

As any of you that have been reading my blog know  .......

Take a look around the tab, up there titled "Completed Cross Stitch" and see some things I have stitched up in the past.

And as a CROSS STITCHER, anyone that is into the craft is probably just like me in that we all have a butt load of stash.  Patterns, Fabric, Floss (cotton, silk, metallic) Beads .... along with all the tools of the trade, Needles, Needle Minders, Needle Threaders, Scissors, Scissor Fobs, Froggers (stitcher term), hoops, scroll frames,  qSnaps, qSnap covers (aka, grime guards) Bobbins, Counting Pins ... etc., etc., etc. ......

I am also members of several Facebook groups that are dedicated to cross stitch, from Designer "Fan" pages to stitch challenges to stash selling.

One site, Stitch MAYnia does MANY challenges throughout the year such as stitching a particular color during a period of time, maybe a day or week, or a theme like Halloween or Winter or Patriotic.

I have signed up for each of the monthly "themed" Stitch A Longs (SAL) for 2017 as well as "A Year of Starts" which is "start a new project on the 17th of each month" and may throw in a random "Color a Day" challenge periodically.

January - New Year, New Start
February - February Fandom
March - History in Stitches
April - Architecture
May - Stitch MAYnia
June - Whine & WIPS
July - Patriotic Pride
August - All Creatures Great & Small
September - Back to School
October - Around the World in 31 Days
November - NaNoStitchMo
December - Disney in December

SO .... we shall see how this goes !

Another site is a bit more challenging (for those stitchy friends of mine will know) is

 Stitch from Stash.

AND this is one I REALLY NEED TO STICK TO !!!!!

This group of stitchers are challenging themselves to control their "stitchy" spending during 2017 by setting a budget (up to $25.00) per month and do all our stitching from the massive stash we all have. So that means that to stick to the challenge I need to limit my spending on fabric, thread, patterns etc. to $25.00 per month.  Now a twist to that is I get credit for completed projects (YAY) from $2.00 for a small ornament size up to $25.00 for a larger piece (with extra $$ added for specialty stitches and embellishments - beads etc.)

After a bit of playing with all my "stuff", I have decided to TRY to be a bit more organized than in the past and have selected some things I plan to designate as my primary focus for 2017. I have selected 17 new start projects and 7 works in progress/unfinished objects (WIPS/UFOS) to concentrate on.  Mark your calendar for January 2018 (I already have a reminder in my calendar to come back and report an update) and see how well my "resolutions" are achieved! Hopefully, I'll also do better at keeping up blogging with at least monthly updates!

SO..... DRUMROLL.....


Pocketwatch Pixie - by Eye of the Magpie
Wicked Alphabet - by The Primitive Needle
Alice in Wonderland - by Bothy Threads
Queen of Freedom - by Mirabilia
Friendships O Borders - exclusive design by Olde Colonial Designs & Jeanette Douglas
If the Shoe Fits - by Sue Hillis
May the Force - by Mo's Sale
Strawberry Roam - by Ink Circles
Chocolate Understands - by Stitching Bear
Dog Bone Wisdom - by Stoney Creek
Pumpkin Pie - by Twisted Threads
Turtles all the way Down - by Ink Circles
Miss New Year's Eve - by Mirabilia
Not Forgotten - by Plum Street
Stitcher's Brew - by Little River
Ana - by Mirabilia
Halloween Fairy - by Mirabilia
Something Wicked - by La D Da
Runekeeper - by Dragon Dreams
My Ghoul Friends - by Sam Sarah
Twisted Band Sampler - by Northern Expressions
272 Words - by Primrose Needleworks
Midnight Brew - by Autumn Lane
So ..... there you have it .... I have quite a few LARGE things with a few smallish things mixed in so I'll be able to see some "quick" finishes along the way.
I'll try to come back sometime this week and create a page for 2017 Stitching and add pictures of what each project will look like when complete.  Then as the year goes on I'll update it with progress/finishes.  (that is if I can stay focused - not much doubt about the stitching - I'm just not very good at keeping up with blogging)
A bit ambitious ... A bit scary ... maybe A bit crazy ???
What 'cha think ??
Comments ??
Till next time,


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  1. Great list of projects and can't wait to see all of your progress. I need to do this and get a definite list for next year.