Saturday, December 3, 2016

Woo Hoo ... I'm Back ...

OK, peeps .... I know I've been MIA for ... what ... 3 months ?????


So .....  Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day & Thanksgiving have all come & gone without too much fanfare.  In September out sweet Nestle made his journey to The Rainbow Bridge, joining his brother, Bruno and mom, Amy + all the other sweet furbabies we had loved and lost .. I guess you could say he did it quietly.  On September 21st around 8:00 p.m. as I was rounding my 4 remaining furbabies up for "feeding time at the zoo", I couldn't find Nestle!  After searching the house and yard, I got Jere to search.  NO NESTLE.  As he was getting shoes on to venture out front, I grabbed the flashlight and went back out into the back yard to search again.  Well, I found him.  Peacefully laying in the back corner of the yard.  It was like he just went out side to do his business and laid down and died.  No Drama, No Fanfare. Like he just "did it his way".  We are really missing this sweet, mild mannered boy.

Nestle Crunch
April 4, 2002 - September 21, 2016

Of course, August is the end of Baseball season, so Sunday 8/28 was the last home game for our Redbirds.  Sadly they didn't make it to the AAA Playoffs due to practically the entire team being called up to our parent club The St. Louis Cardinals during the season. 
September is the beginning of Football season with the first home game of our UofM Tigers game being September 17th against Kansas which they won quite handily 43-7. 
October rolled around with Jere making his annual "man-trip" to the US Open in Minneapolis.  Thank God this year was relatively calm at Casa de Jackson with no strange things like errant clocks, mysterious huge boxes of LEFT shoes and pictures jumping off the walls. 


Also I had my annual mammogram & well woman check-up the second week of October, with a slight little hiccup, which actually turned out fine.  No details but no real problems!
October 21st was opening night for our minor league hockey team, The Mississippi RiverKings vs. The Evansville Thunderbolts.  They won. 2-1. However, we are going to have to teach their fans some hockey etiquette.  Apparently they don't know that it is NOT OK to allow your kids to repeatedly walk between the glass & the ticket holders in the seats right behind the glass WHILE play is going on !!! (well, they are the new expansion team for the year)
And ..... wait for it .....
Of course, Halloween will never be the same since we lost our sweet girl on Halloween, 2013 in a horrible car accident.

You received your wings too soon, sweet girl.

Robin Nicole Healy
December 1, 1997 - October 31, 2013


In November, two quilting friends and I took a class at Klassy Katz quilt shop learning to make a TUFFET!!!!!
It was a 2 day class and was so much fun !! Plus I brought home this !!!!!
Its done in Halloween prints (you all know how much I love Halloween themed things) ... and the fuzzy black & purple spider was an acquisition from WalMart's Halloween department.
Thanksgiving Day, 2016 was spent at home chilling out with Peter, watching a little football and having Ham & Hawaiian Roll sliders to snack on. 
As usual, the Friday after, we had our big Thanksgiving celebration dinner at the Albro farm with our hockey family.  Good food, good friends (pseudo family) and good times.  As an added bonus, our boys, The RiverKings beat the Columbus Cottonmouths 4-1 !!!
I have been cross stitching like a mad woman all year and yesterday (12/2/16) I pulled out my phone and scrolled through photos for pics of my completed projects so far for 2016. 
I have fully stitched 24 projects (some small and a few rather large) and fully finished 15 of them.
I was going to dedicate a full post to them, but realized that my last post in September had many of them included, so I have decided to just make a separate page ....
So there you have it ... All caught up again. 
The last several days I have been mulling over my stitchy plans for 2017.  Lots of stash, too little stitchy time....but I do have things gelling in my head.
Maybe tomorrow I'll share them with you in exchange for your thought about them.
as it is now almost 5:00 p.m. and there is a 'Kings game in 2.5 hours I need to shake a leg & get in the shower!
Till next time,


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