Sunday, November 23, 2014

All about Football

.....It's Sunday and you know what that means ...FOOTBALL...

(according to )


1.a game in which two opposing teams of 11 players each defend goals at opposite ends of a field having goal posts at each end, with points being scored chiefly by carrying the ball across the opponent's goal line and by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar between the opponent's goal posts.

2. the ball used in this game, an inflated oval with a bladder contained in a casing usually made of leather.

(according to ME)

1. great American sport that commander television and turn our husbands into beer drinking, junk eating screaming fools.

2. an event on TV used to kick back in the recliner with a dog in my lap, nap, stitch, eat junk and put up with a beer drinking, junk eating screaming fool of a husband.

Up today here at Casa Jackson will be our Tennessee Titans (2-8) VS Philadelphia Eagles (7-3).  I really don't think we have much of a chance of a win today....the Titans haven't really shown up for a game all season, but we with loyalty we will watch the carnage.

Now THE MEMPHIS TIGERS are on a real GROWL this year.  They are 8 - 3 (5 - 1 in the American Conference) with one more regular season game to go.  This is the first time since 2008.  Jere is an alumni (by default) with Lambuth University's closing a few years ago,  UofM AKA "Tiger High" bought the campus and invited it's alum to come to UofM.  Having been a pitcher on the Lambuth baseball team also made him eligible to join the M Club which is for athletes. We have been to most of the home games and watch the away games with a renewed enthusiasm this year.  GO TIGERS!!!

Yesterday, I gifted my Tiger Tickets to a friend of my Sis-in-Law because we had another function to attend.

We are season ticket holders for the Mississippi RiverKings hockey team.  Friday night's game against the Louisiana IceGators was delayed almost 2 hours due to transportation problems (the IceGators bus broke down in central Mississippi).  The doors to the Lander's Center opened at the usual 6:00 and of course, Jere headed over to his "all-inclusive" dive to collect the first 2 of MANY beers.  Well, by puck drop around 9:00 Jere was well buzzed.

The game was a fast, exciting game (especially for us King's fans) as Matt Harrington slapped the puck past their goalie for our first point at 0:26 seconds into the first period. And the goals kept coming.  Our boys sunk 7 of 43 shots on goal and Peter DiSalvo stopped 35 of their 37 shots ending in a final score of 7-2.

All of us fans are trying to figure out how we can create bus issues with all future opposing teams !!!

Well, yesterday they had a fun fundraiser at The Strike Zone bowling center where fans could pal around and bowl with the players.

With my back issues like they are I didn't bowl, but there were at least 25 of the 32 lanes filled with player and fan bowling fools....

There was soda, beer, pizza and DOOR PRIZES !!!  AND I WON !!! An official game puck signed by Andrew Randazzo his rookie year (2012) when he was sporting #18 !!!

Andrew Randazzo Rookie Year puck

This will nestle nicely in with our other sports memorabilia.  Hope to see Andrew go on to the NHL  some day and I can say "I knew him when ....."

Stitching News

As this is the 3rd full weekend in November it is IHSW.  And since I have had other distractions, I don't think I will get much done on the stitchy project I have selected to work on, but here is the before picture (it is already Sunday and nary a stitch has been added)

Sam Sarah Designs Mystery Sampler "Something Wicked"

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the progress !

I really want to get this one finished up .... there are so many new projects calling out to me from my many stash boxes, and I WANT A NEW START !!!

Speaking of "so many projects" .... one day last week I cleaned and organized my craft room.  In doing so I found several duplicate patterns I have so I decided to make a list of kitted up projects, WIP'S (Works in Progress) and UFO'S (Un Finished Objects).  After several hours on the ole' laptop creating a document, I had to stop with  JUST the things I have complete supplies for.  Keep in mind there are TONS of patterns not listed because they are just that ... Patterns ... with no designated fabric/fibers collected and placed in that nifty zip lock bag to await my nimble needle. Also I have a rather LARGE collection of stitch related magazine subscriptions and hard cover pattern books perched on a shelf in my craft room.

Books & Magazines & Binders full of "Freebie" patterns

To date (and I believe I have them all listed) I have 74 projects all kitted up and much to my surprise, only 15 WIP's & UFO'S.  I fear it will take more time that I have left on earth to complete all the things itchin' for stitchin', but we shall see.

As long as I have be a Cross Stitcher, I have heard this (and made it my mantra)

WINS !!!!!

Seeing the lists of other stitcihng friends around the globe, I am not and probably never will be in first place, but I believe I am situated well within the middle of the pack.

Well folks, the Titans have been on the boob tube for 30 minutes and they are already down 14-0 ... I'm gonna go stitch!

Till next time,



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