Monday, November 24, 2014

Update on IHSW (and Thanksgiving news)

... well as predicted, the Titans choked again .... or rather rolled over and played dead.  Final score 24- 43.  Philadelphia Eagles dominated the whole game ... Oh well ...

On the stitching front, The IHSW wasn't a great success either.  After ripping out about 100 stitches 3 times I finally put "Something Wicked" away after getting about 50 stitches in successfully ....

To Date 11.24.2014

You can maybe see the little blue curly q and a smidgen of the top of the third pumpkin.

I pulled out the Mirabilia Halloween Fairy that was intended to be completed for the October 2014 Challenge.  This was how I left her on 10.17.14 when I just HAD to finish up the evil witches.


I got most of her right wing done !


In other news ....

With this being Thanksgiving week, I will be pretty busy .... and no I will NOT be cooking.

Tomorrow is Face Off Field Trip at the Mississippi RiverKings so I will be meeting Reba, John, the pseudo-grands, Anisha & Angela for the game.  We have a suite reserved for the day so hopefully will have no problem dealing with the 6,000+ rowdy schoolkids.  The barn WILL be rockin' tho....

Then Wednesday, I will be doing my "cooking" ... trip to Kroger's to pick up things for Thanksgiving.

My oldest.....

.....Ned Bryan and his bride, Chelsea, are in the process of transferring from Ft. Benning in Georgia where he has fulfilled his Drill Sargent duties, to Ft. Campbell which hovers across the Tennessee/Kentucky border (3 hours closer to home).  Don't really know what he will be doing there, but I am sure the Army keep him busy.  They are leaving Benning today, meeting the movers in Clarkesville to receive their furniture into their new rental house, then on Tuesday driving up to Williams Bay, WI to spend the holiday week with Chelsea's family.  I don't envy all that traveling (and snow up north) but they are young and adventurous.

My baby (if you could call him that) ...

....Robbie and his bride, Mallory will be spending Thanksgiving with her family in Atlanta, GA this year.  Being a big shot with a major home improvement chain, Robbie sticks around during the Thanksgiving week to allow some of his employees the holiday off to spend with their families.  He has such a generous heart ...

We are going to Bill & Betty's (some friends from hockey) on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our RiverKings.

Then on Friday, we are going to spend the day with our pseudo grandchildren and their parents Reba & John on their farm.

I will have it easy this year .... rolls & a desert for Thursday and an appetizer & cranberry sauce for Friday .... I can get all my "cooking" done at Kroger !!! 

It is getting to be about the noon hour, so I need to get up off this computer and get something around this dirty house done, then get a few errands in ....

Till next time,


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