Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nothing in particular ...

... is happening today, but I do have a few updates on life in my world.

First ... I have joined in (a bit late I am afraid for this year) on a Totally Useless little project that is hosted by Sharon, aka Daffycat to show our "trashy thread" collection.  It has no other point than to see how many ratty threads we snip & frog during out creative process of stitching.  As we snip tails of threads instead of having them fly everywhere, you drop them in a jar  which should be settled handily near your stitching hole/corner.  Then once a month on The New Moon  (or there abouts) you post an  updated picture of said jar.  Not only can you see how much you have been working on your project, it shows how many times the frog has visited.

... for those of you that don't know what this little guy represents to a stitcher click on the "FROGS" tab at the top of the page and see what he is all about. 

I have completed a couple of small stitchy projects in the last few days.

Christmas ornie made using 18 ct. Mono Canvas stitched with Rainbow Gallery "sparkly" braid.  This dittie is going to travel across the big pond to Trudy in Wiltshire, England.  I hope it finds a nice comfy home on her Christmas Tree !!! 

Then I found out that a friend's birthday was last Friday (Frankie - baseball/hockey friend) so I stitched up this little bookmark.

  Frankie always has her book to read between innings (baseball) or periods (hockey)  and I thought that the  # @ % & !! could mean anything she wanted it to mean..... ( I KNOW what it would mean for me)  

I also had a little S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXperience) this week.   

I received the new Lizzie Kate mystery sampler "Things Unseen" in the mail.

You can read all about Linda's inspiration behind the designing of this cross stitch piece on her blog Lizzie Kate.

I had lunch yesterday with Cheryl at El Porton (yummy loaded chicken quesadillas) and she brought me this cute kit which will be added to my ever growing stash.

Halloween Happiness
Sandra Cozzolino

I had ordered a Z-Frame lap stitching frame a couple of weeks back and found that the way I stitch (all laid back in my recliner usually with a dog in my lap) it was just not meant to be.  So... I gifted it to Cheryl and I am happy to report ... she LOVES it. 

I also downloaded a couple of digital patterns ( I NEED more stuff people !!!!!) for these cute Biscornus ...

Barbara Ann Designs

Barbara Ann Designs

As you have probably already guessed my favorite theme is Halloween.  Some day when I have nothing whatsoever to do, I am going to have to make an inventory of all my Halloween stitchery.  I am sure even I will be surprised.  

Well... nothing much more interesting is happening at Casa Jackson with the exception that my constant lap warmer is settled in for a long afternoon's nap.


Off to get a few stitches in before I get up off my lazy ass and make dinner.

Till next time, 



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