Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas is about here ...

.... only a few more hours and it will dawn another Christmas day ! 

Last week, after dealing with a very broken down rocker recliner, Jere sent me out into the world to look for a new Laz-E-Boy !  Being the smart girl that I am, I had googled it and went directly to The Great American Home Store (did not pass go and unfortunately did not collect that elusive $200.00).  After testing several, my butt finally landed in one that was perfect! Of course, as it was to be my Christmas gift, I drug him back later that day to allow him the opportunity to PAY for it.

The new stitching corner!

  As we were turning to leave the store, I spotted the Sleep Shop and commented "Our next purchase needs to be a new mattress".  Not giving us the opportunity to slip out our sales lady said "we have some great deals and incentives on them, lets go try some out"  One hour later, after attempting to nap on all the comfy beds, we chose a Tempur-pedic Cloud Breeze.  This bed will do everything but rock you to sleep.  Sits up, raises the knees, massages in 4 different points all at the same time or individually and even has a way to keep you cool (and don't we all just love those night sweats that come with menopause ?).  It is to be delivered on Friday, so don't expect to see me around for a few days ... My Amazon Fire Stick is all hooked up in the bedroom TV and I plan to spend some quality time trying out the new bedroom set up. 

Of course, that means today (when lazy bones decides to drag his highness out of the OLD bed) we will be cleaning the bedroom and probably hauling a load to the Goodwill, but hey, anytime I can crack the whip and get the vacuum in his hand is a good day!

As I see from my previous visit, it has been a week since my last update, so I will now regress and report on the activities this last 7 days.

After having been in my hair Monday & Tuesday, Jere returned to work on Wednesday for 3 days and I was off to SHOP... Those of you that know me well, know that it is my least favorite thing to do.  But actually the stores were not yet crazy with that last minute rush and I got a lot accomplished in 5 hours.... actually FINSHED what Christmas shopping needed to be done.  Thursday was spent doing the never ending laundry and I did have time to finish up my latest crochet learning project, a wool scarf,  while listening to the last few chapters of "Interview with the Vampire".

LOL ... as most of you know, I really hate my picture taken, but the water dispenser makes a really nice model!  The scarf is so soft with a "keyhole" to slip one end in to keep it nice and snuggly around the neck!

Thursday night, we tuned in to the RiverKing's away game in Knoxville.  It was a quite entertaining game with the Knoxville IceBears coach in the sound booth kibitzing after getting a game suspension for throwing a water bottle at the refs in the previous game. 

Well, Adam got the job done .....

.... and got his first WIN of the season !!!

With the RiverKings leading 4-3 at the 19 minute mark of the 3rd period, Knoxville's coach pulled their goalie and Dan Delisle slapped one in for an empty net goal at the 19:58 mark landing a 5-3 win!  Adam Courchaine stopped 23 of their 26 shots on goal !!! It was AWESOME !

Friday and Saturday were unremarkable.  Spent Friday being my usual lazy self, but Saturday I got my butt into gear and got the house mostly clean.  Reba & John, the hockey family, came over to watch a disappointing 4-2 loss to the Louisiana IceGators.  But she brought FUDGE and PECAN PIE !!! I had baked a ham and made a huge bowl of daddy's potato salad and deviled eggs so we watched the game in a food coma.

SUNDAY .... Ah, poor Peter. 

.... After a emotional week home in Canada, he arrived at the Toronto airport in time for his flight back to America ... BUT ... the customs jerks found some little something to throw a wrench in the day because of a stamp or number or something on his passport. After several minutes (seemed like hours) and a call to the Coach here in Southaven, things were right again and Peter was racing down the terminal just in time to see the door close on this flight.  Finally Air Canada got him scheduled on another flight but he had a several hour wait and then a over 3 hour layover in Chicago.  So instead of arriving back at Memphis International at 6:00 he landed at 11:00 p.m..  AND one of his bags decided to hang out in Chicago overnight!

Instead of steak, we went to the only decent place still open, iHop, and had chicken & waffles. 

Monday morning, while the guys were on the ice practicing, I once again traveled to the airport to collect the errant luggage and deliver it to his apartment.

Monday night we made our 3rd trek to Southaven to collect him for the Coaches Show... which was really a fun time!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, Eve, I spent the morning getting a long overdue service on Sassy (my Ford Escape) and then went on to Stitcher's to take advantage of their 25% to 50% year-end clearance sale!!! (WE ALL NEED MORE STASH)... Actually, I have been drooling over some silk threads by Classic Colorworks called Belle Soie (they even sound yummy).  I have had a Prairie Moon chart pack titled "We'd Turn Back If You Was You" which is a comical picture of the Wizard of Oz characters, along with some beautiful PTP hand dyed fabric to stitch it on, but have been dithering about what threads to stitch it with.  With the chart calling for 22 skeins of thread at $7.95 each I was having a hard time justifying $174.90 + tax for thread.  BUT, Stitchers was having a 25% to 50% year-end clearance sale !!!!!

Just look at those beautiful colors !!! And they are so soft !!! I can't wait to put needle to thread and begin this piece !

I saved $39.90 !!! (and we all LOVE saving money, don't we ???) Naturally, I had to cruse the 50% off chart room and 3 Primitive Needle and 1 Twisted Threads - Life's A Stitch jumped into my basket. (WE ALL NEED MORE STASH).
Really !! I do have plans to be on a stash diet for 2015, so I am just planning ahead, right?

On to last night !!! OH FUN !!!

My grand daughter, Kristin and her BF joined us for the game and WHAT A GAME IT WAS !!!

Adam was in the net again, showing his skills off to the crowd and his father that had traveled here from Ontario to see his boy in the net. And boy did that boy show us his stuff !!! After stopping 18 of 19 shots, he turned away ALL 5 shoot out shots to skate away with a 2-1 shootout win over the Huntsville Havoc !!! His second win in a week and first shoot out win !!!!

During the period breaks the Kings aired the Festivus Grievances which were Tweeted by fans.


Not to be outdone, the staff aired their OWN grievances which to me were much more comical !!!

And poor Whitley !!! It took the entire video to get hers off  !!!

After the game we all gathered at The Fillin Station for the usual after-game party and all of the guys were in rare form !

Matt Whitehead AKA Mr. Hockey

Well, it is now 11:31 and his highness has appeared from the sleep cave, so I better sign off and get that bedroom ready for the new furniture.  I'll catch you all on the flip side after Christmas.  
Hope all my friends have a WONDERFUL Christmas and Santa makes it down the chimney with a large haul !!!
Till next time

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