Friday, December 5, 2014

This and That ...

.....when I got back home yesterday - at 4:00 p.m. - I felt like I had been gone for 12 days !!! The morning started out at 5:00 when I jumped in the shower to get ready for the 1st of 3 doctor's appointments. At 7:00 I was at Dr. K's for labs in preparation for my annual physical coming up next week.  Then around the corner to the diagnostic center for an ultrasound on my carotid arteries (those big veins on each side of your neck) to make sure there is no increase in the percentage of a small blockage I have had for several years.  THAT appointment was "F'd" up by the center.  Instead of the "around the corner" location from my doctor's office, they had scheduled me for the DOWNTOWN location.  Now I am NO FOOL..... I avoid going to the medical center downtown like the plague! So, a phone call to the scheduler and I had a replacement appointment for today. 

I made my way down I-240 to I-55 to the Albro's to take my left over Red Beans & Rice.  Reba (ever Mother Earth) had been in the kitchen for 4 hours putting up squash (or some orangery-yellow mashed substance) in freezer bags, making loaves of bread & preparing breakfast for her 2 legged herd, AKA "the pseudo-grands ...

After a short visit, watching her cut & pan the 4 loaves, I hopped in Sassy and made my way on to Hernando to meet up with Cheryl at her quilting class.  Such lively fabrics were being passed around and stitched up into pretty little squares for beautiful Christmas Table Runners...

..... and that INSPIRED ME to pull out a quilt project I started over 10 years ago, when I was in the quilting phase of my crafting.


I have this one among about 4 other quilt tops in various stages of completion.  I just need a Long Arm sewing machine to do the quilting on.....(Cheryl's instructor, Kay on only hand quilts) ..... They have new ones on EBay for the bargain price of $5,999.00..... Anyone want to donate to the cause ??

After lunch at  Guadalajara Grill   (grilled chicken quesadilla with rice & beans - add guac) we headed to Cheryl's where she helped me frame a cross stitch piece I am going to donate for the Silent Auction at the Christmas Party with the RiverKings.  I think it turned out rather nice!

It is  5 X 7 hand stitched on hand dyed linen with a little brass wine bottle charm attached and framed in an oak wooden frame.  How much would you pay at a silent auction for this??  I have no idea what should be placed as a starting bid!

Next stop on my 22 day long adventure was to my Urologist for my final post-op visit.  Those of you that know me will remember that I had to have a little tune-up on the old bod 8 weeks ago.  Dr. Portara released me to get back to normal living, limiting me to lifting no more than 25 pounds.  This will be a forever limitation but I really don't think I could lift more than that anyway.

I did get back to my Hooking for a bit and got the first project completed.  A dishrag!  Well, there are quite a few mistakes, it isn't quite square and my tension is all over the place.  AND I really don't like the way this instructor did color changes, but I have found a video on YouTube that has a different technique, so I might just have to do another one and see how it comes out.....but hey, it's just a dishrag.

In celebration of being able to get back to normal, when Jere got home from work we went to our favorite restaurant and watering hole, Texas Roadhouse and I had, oh, 3 or 4 of my favorite yummy beverages and a nice steak dinner !

This morning I started the next project in the online class - a "Pamper Yourself Spa Cloth"  This one is done in rounds instead of rows.  After about 37 starts, I think I finally got the hang of it (and my tension seems to be spot on). Here is a snap of it where I stopped in the middle of row 7 (of 22) before heading off to my ultrasound.

After waiting for 2 1/2 hours my number was up and I had my test and got outta there.... I really HATE doctor's offices !!!

Then on to Royal Nails for a manicure & color change on my toes.  Miya thought I needed a little bling bling for the holiday parties, so she painted me up with red sparkly polish on 8 fingers and gold glitter polish on the ring fingers.....

OK, so now that you are caught up on the life & times of ME, I'll leave you now with one final thing.  I just settled into the recliner with a furbaby in my lap and turned on the boob tube to get in a little hooking.  One of my favorite movies, Steele Magnolias is on and the girls are all gathered around the grave site after Shelby's funeral, when Clairee (Olympia Dukakis) tells M'Lynn (Sally Field) ....""M'Lynn you just missed a chance of a lifetime. Half of Chickapin Parish would give their eye teeth to take a whack at Ouiser" ..... The writer of this film was a hysterical genius and the casting director couldn't have selected 5 better actresses (including Darryl Hannah, Dolly Pardon and Shirley MacLaine - along with Dukakis and Field) to play those roles. EXCELLENT MOVIE !!

On tap for tonight is another match-up between our RiverKings and The Knoxville IceBears.  I believe Adam is in the net tonight and he really NEEDS a win !!!!!

Till next time,



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