Monday, December 15, 2014

Just a lot of STUFF.....

.... geez ... I just realized it has been 9 days since an update :)  ...

Saturday and Sunday (the 6th & 7th) were spent being somewhat lazy, doing all the crap wonderful household duties like laundry, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

Monday I made my monthly trek to Genie's in Hernando where some of the girls get together for our "Needle & Hooker" day.  Cheryl was there along with of course Genie and she brought a new Hooker, Judy!  She was crocheting a beautiful "Prayer" shawl for  a friend that had recently lost a loved one.  I had not heard of this and she explained that as you crochet, you offer up prayers for the recipients and then when they wear the shawl they are wrapped in your prayers.  Such a sweet thing!

Cheryl was cross stitching on her Lizzie Kate "Things Unseen"   and Genie had a beautiful floral cross stitch piece from her mom's stash she was working to complete.  Christi stopped by for a few minutes on her way to another doctor's appointment.  We missed Marti as she was home battling a cold and was kind enough to not bring it to all of us !!

I took several things for "show & tell" including a quilt top I began years ago:

....along with my Mother in Law's Thimble collection and a quilt  that church women had made from Jere's father's silk ties when he retired from the ministry .  I forgot to snap pictures so I'll pull them out next week and share.  

 I discovered these treasures while digging through all of her belongings we have stored for the last 7 years.

Genie pulled out 2 beautiful quilts her mother had made by her mother and unfortunately I didn't get pictures, but one was a white quilt stitched in navy blue of different ships and the other was a cream color crochet afghan with these lovely big flowers cross stitched in the squares.  

The week flew on and suddenly on Friday I realized that I hadn't put together the little bags of "Hockeyisms" for the players Christmas gift bags.  

So out came the paper and the copier chugged out 175 pages of green, red & gold paper (25 sets of 7 pages with 74 quotes from famous hockey players)

..... which I then cut ....

..into 1,850 little strips of paper.....

...... folded them up and sorted them into cups (I knew saving all those plastic tumblers from the Lander's Center, Maria's, Fillin Station & AutoZone Park would come in handy some day)

... and put them in zip lock baggies.

..... That is 25 zip lock sandwich baggies holding 1,850 pieces of paper.  I worked pretty much non stop from 7:00 until 3:30 to get them done to deliver to Tina, who them placed them into cute little gift bags along with candy, and gift cards & discount coupons  donated by several establishments for our players.

Friday night was the RiverKings vs. the Pensacola IceFlyers (Peter's old team) and it was so EXCITING !!!  With less than 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd period (and 11 total penalties called) an IceFlyer fired a shot past Peter's glove and scored ........ then 63 minutes the IceFlyers had a man in the penalty box for tripping and when the puck dropped, Peter flew over to the bench and Derek added another attacker giving the Kings a "2 Man Advantage"  ... 8 seconds later Mike Haywared slapped a shot past their goalie tying things up at the buzzer .... after a 5 minute intermission the guys went into overtime and 1.28 minutes later Devin Mantha fired in the winning goal to give us a overtime win of 2-1.  I have never seen Peter so excited !!! Not only did he stop 23 of 24 shots on goal, but got the win against the #1 team in the league !!!!! 

Unfortunately Saturday's game ended in a loss of 4-1 against the Flyers .... Poor Adam ... He hasn't had a win this season.... Definitely going to have to get the guys working on that !!

When we got to the after game party at the Fillin Station, Peter told me he had received a call from home.  Doctors had informed the family that his his grandfather, Nonnu (Antonio Di Salvo)  was not doing well and had a couple of days at best.   After eating, he went home to make arrangements to leave the next day for Toronto. 

Saturday I got into the box of plaster Christmas ornament frames the guys had painted to glue their pictures on for us to sell at the Booster Club table.  I opened the box, took out the packets of carefully wrapped ornies and ......... snap .............. NONE WERE PAINTED ..... 

Thank goodness I started early !!! I pulled out the green paint and after removing the satin ribbons in the hangie hole, added 3 coats of paint.  They looked rather bland so I topped it with some gold glitter paint which gave them a really good sparkle.  I then glued in the pictures and backed them with some red felt and added a lively gold/red/green braid for the hanger.  I didn't get a picture of all of the (unfortunately) but here is a snap of what Jonesie's looked like.....

I think they turned out rather nice !!! 

Sunday morning I delivered him Peter to the airport to begin his sad flight home to spend some time with family.  Such a sad thing to happen during the holiday season. I feel so bad for him and can relate.  I lost MY grandfather on December 15, 1978.  It is such a bad time of the year to lose a loved one, especially if that person has been a big influence in your life, which Nonnu has been. 

Last night (Sunday) was the big Christmas Party with the RiverKings.  The venue was beautifully decorated, the food was wonderfully delish and the guys were in rare form.  They dressed in all manner of "ugliness"  ---Tacky T-Shirts, funny brightly colored "Onsies" Tuxedos and Ugly Sweaters.  There was a dance off among the rookies and they played "Dirty Santa'  I think the 12 pack of Bud Lite was the most popular gift ! 

There was dancing,

 and a silent auction afterwards.  I won a really nice Vera Bradley tote...

.... and a rolling Craftman's Tool Chest ..

... can we say "Stash Storage" ??? 

There was also a lady there taking Christmas portraits and Jere & I had one done.  I think they turned out really good, but it will be a few days before we receive the package, so pictures to follow ! 

Well, it's been really quiet this morning, but I hear Jere stirring so I best get up, put on another pot of coffee and scrounge around for something to rustle up for breakfast.  He will be under foot the next couple of days of vacation .....ugh ....... (I DO LOVE HIM... Just love him at work Monday - Friday !!!)

Till next time,


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