Monday, December 1, 2014

Wings !!!

She has wings !!

I did get a few stitches in my Mira Halloween Fairy.  Wings are complete, sans the back-stitched "veins" ... guess I shoulda done that before taking the snap ...


.... I really can't resist a bargain.  When I opened my email yesterday, there it was.  A 50% off deal for online craft classes.  AND since I have wanted to learn to crochet (I really NEED another hobby to spend money on) I decided, Why Not ?? After all, I do have a HUGE storage tub of my MIL's yarn that would make some lovely caps, scarves, maybe a nice soft, warm baby afghan for the new grand due in May ?? ...  don't see a lot of dollars flying out of my wallet for supplies (aside from the fact that I couldn't find any crochet hooks or stitch count rings in all the "stuff")  .... Anyway, the online class was $19.99 with 50% off so for the bargain price of only $9.97 I am on my way !  I watched the first four parts of the video which explain different kinds of yarns, how to read the labels to find fiber content, like is it acrylic or wool or a blend, whether to look for "fuzzy" texture or the weight (thickness) of the yarn for a particular project, and how to care for the materials after the project is complete (is it machine washable? can you toss it in the dryer?).  Then I watched the episode about how to begin with a slip knot & making the first "chain" which will be the basis of the crochet piece. 

On tap for today is a few errands.  Krogering, General Cleaners (Jere put on his last pair of clean trousers for work today) then to Jo-Ann's to gather the necessary tools to start my new venture of crochet.

It's going to be a dreary day with drizzling rain and temps falling from the mid 50's down to the 30's by evening so I must get myself up & in the shower so I can get out, get done, get back, snuggle into my fuzzy lap throw so I can get on with my new "Adventure in Crochet".

Till next time,


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