Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post Christmas .....

Well, Christmas 2014 has come and gone .... and for the Jackson family it was a whirlwind week.

When I left you all on Wednesday morning, lazybones was coming alive and we were about to get the room ready for delivery of the new Tempur-pedic on Friday... Jere and I spent most of the morning cleaning and cleaning out.  I took bags of items to the thrift store for donation (and really need to do more sorting, cause there is tons more that need to go)...but I got it manageable.  I didn't count but believe I did about 157 loads of laundry.

That night we picked Peter up and took him out for that long awaited juicy steak.  Well, he had the "fall off the bone" ribs and we had steak.  And Joe and his wait staff at Texas Roadhouse took excellent care of us !!

Thursday (Christmas) morning, I got all the prep work done for the Christmas Day celebration at Betty & Bills. I ws to bring salad bar stuff and spent about 2 hours chopping veggies and frying a pound of bacon for fresh bacon bits (all guys love BACON) !! We collected Peter and headed to Collierville for a fun day!!! All the guys were in their usual rare fun and the food was delish !!

Friday morning was spent doing more cleaning and cleaning out of the spare room in anticipation of a visit from our Gulfport girl, Christine that afternoon and my son, Ned & his bride, Chelsea on Sunday.  More dust, hair and Goodwill items ......

The bed was delivered just in time for us to get it in the room and dash out to make the game in time. 

Friday night with Christine in toe, I picked Joe (our TRH friend) and ventured again to Lander's Center where Peter was once again in the net.  OH MY, what a game.  He stopped 25 of 28 shots and Bahm, Thomas & Harrington scored on 3 of the Kings 44 shots.  The game was tied 3-3 when they went into sudden death overtime. and when the 5 minutes expired the were still tied.  A shoot out then ensued with Peter working his magic and stopping all 5 shots and Matt Harrington getting the only puck past the IceGater's goalie giving us the SECOND shoot out win in as many games.  His comment about the win:

Couple of glove saves in the shootout last night, no big deal.

Well to me it was a really BIG deal !!!

Oh and BTW, Jere had won the silent auction bid to be guest assistant coach for the night and with this win makes him 2-0 .... perfect coaching record ...LOL.

Jere & Derek don't look very happy at this point.... I think this was about the time the IceGators tied the game up...

On to Saturday and the Hockey family (Reba, John, RJ, Anisha and Christine) were here at Casa Jackson for a watch party.  We had veggies & dip, Humus & crackers for apps, and ordered a ton of Chinese for dinner.  I baked brownies and Reba provided vanilla ice cream for dessert.

AND the boys did it again !!! Won the night straight out 3-2.  No overtime.  No shoot out.  No point awarded to the IceGators for an overtime loss !!! And Adam got his 3rd win in a row !!!!!

I woke up Sunday with a scratchy throat and just knew my annual cold was developing so threw down some Allegra and started sucking on Halls .... UGH ... It is now Tuesday and I have advanced to Sudafed & Delsym - along with Kleenex with Aloe for my raw nose.

My son, Ned and his bride arrived Sunday night and had a big surprise !!! (to be revealed at a later date)

All his kids came over Monday along with Kasey's boyfriend, Josh. 

Back row:  Josh, Ned, Michael
Front row:  Kasey, Kristin, Samantha, Chelsea, Katelyn

They all took off around 1:00 and had lunch and went bowling.  Afterwards came back here for Chili & a movie.
Notice NO ONE is watching the movie.


I think it is about time for more cough meds and I need to get some stitching done.... I haven't picked up anything (cross stitch or crochet) in over a week and I have a TON of new projects I want to start... so gotta go stitch !!!!!

Till next time,



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