Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015 !!!

...... Well, another year is in the history books and many are making resolutions.  Lose some weight.  Exercise more.  Disconnect from technology.  Stick to a spending budget. 

Well, I am loosely making a resolution to control my spending on needlecraft.  I spent several days, off and on, during November and December sorting and kitting up most of my cross stitch projects, some of which I have had for YEARS !!
I have 2 totes containing 72 COMPLETE projects (that's chart, fabric, threads-DMC & specialty threads- and any embellishments-beads, charms, buttons etc.) and 6 charts that only need the required (or stitcher's choice) fabric.  And while I firmly adhere to the saying "There is no such thing as too much stash" AND "The one who dies with the most stash wins" I do feel that in 2014 I got a bit out of control and my craft room is bursting at the seams.

I have seen several "challenges" on Facebook and Blogger about "Stitch from Stash Only" or "Stash Diet" and they sound like great ideas, but the one I am going to try and stick with is being co ordinated on a blog hosted by Mel

What I like about this plan is that if you are already subscribed to a subscription, like Fabric of the Month, or Thread of the Month, or are participating in a mystery stitch that charges for each part as they are released, or a magazine subscription, those are exempt from the plan.  AND finishing items like a frame or fabric to construct ornaments or wall hangings with your completed cross stitch piece are also exempt.

The plan will run in 2 six month stretches with 2015-A starting January 1, 2015 and go through June 30, 2015.  2015-B will go from July 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.  You start out with $25.00 budget each month.  If you don't spend any or all of your month's $25.00 budget, you can carry it over to the following month(s) BUT you CAN NOT take money for an upcoming month.  You also get credit for each completed cross stitched project based on the stitch count. AND NO I WILL NOT COUNT STITCHES !!! There is a grid based on the dimensions of the design:

30 x 30 stitches or less - $2   (ie: small Mill Hills)
30 x 30 stitches to 60 x 60 stitches - $4   (ie: Little House Needleworks ornaments)
60 x 60 stitches to 120 x 120 stitches - $8
120 x 120 stitches to 160 x 160 stitches - $12   (ie: Ink Circles)
160 x 160 stitches to 200 x 200 stitches - $16   (ie: Mirabilia or Lavender & Lace)
200 x 200 stitches to 240 x 240 stitches - $22
240 x 240 stitches to 300 x 300 stitches - $26
**100 x 70 stitches - 100% coverage - $20 (ie: average HAED & Mystic Stitches Pages; Dimensions Gold kit pages, etc.)
For example: 165 high by 100 wide (stitches), to calculate the 'square number':
165 + 100 = 265 / 2 = 132.5 stitches square. Therefore total would be $12 credit for finish based on breakdown above.
I was trying to finish up on the Lagniappe that was included in my Mystery Stitch from Sam Sarah Designs " Something Wicked" so I officially started on January 3rd.  I have SO MANY things I really want to get stitched that I couldn't decide what to start first (such an AWFUL predicament to be in !) so I used to decide for me and it came up with #4, Something In Common "Mystic Lavender".  I am so excited about this piece !!! It is only3 colors ( of the threads is a widely variegated blues/purples thread) that is the most yummy, buttery feeling silk by The Thread Gatherer, called "Silk'n Colors"..
Start:  1.3.2015

And here is where I am this morning:
Progress: 1.5.2015

While I tend to get bored with stitching on only one project (I will get a list made of my UFO'S and post it  up there in a tab soon)  I think this one will keep me entertained until completion, because of the technique of sphere specialty stitches.  it is a 56 X 56 stitch piece so when complete I will have an extra $4.00 to spend in stash credit.... YIPEE !!!! (now what pocket that extra $4.00 will come from remains to be seen).

Not to bore all my stitchy friends with my other passion, HOCKEY, but I MUST at least mention a bit about the activities on and off the ice this last few days.

1.  New Year's Eve Jere and I finally took our Hockey son, Peter out for Sushi.  That boy I believe has a hollow leg  but I think I managed to buy enough sushi and fried rice to fill him up.

2.  New Year's Day we ventured back to Bill & Betty's for The Winter Classic (outdoors NHL hockey game played this year National's Park in Washington, D.C. by The Chicago Blackhawks and The Washington Capitals)  I really don't have an NHL team I am partial too, but the concensus was that everyone wanted The Capitals to win  which they did 3-2.  We had a nice,relaxing meal of yummy soups, chili's, sammie fixins, beverages-both spirited and virgin-  and a unbelievable baked apple crisp made by Coach's wife, Tammy.  Also had great company (the entire team, plus office staff, plus coach and most of the sponsor families).

3.  Friday we had our wild and crazy Gulf Port friend, Christine arrive for another weekend visit.  Her ex had the 3 kids for the week and this was a stop off point to meet to get them back and cut a 12+ hour road trip in about half, AND she gets to hang out with the rest of the Hockey Family.  Friday night's game was an "away" at Pensacola (Peter's former team) so we watched it at Casa de Jackson. And it was sad.  Not only did the King's lose the game 1-7, but from what I understand from Peter's girlfriend, Megan, the fans were AWFUL to him.  It is one thing to heckle the visitor's players & coach, but to be down right nasty is so uncalled for and VERY POOR SPORTSMANSHIP!!

4.  Saturday after lazing around till around 1:00 we breakfasted at iHop and then headed to the Lander's Center for a matchup between the Kings and the Louisiana IceGators.  It was Elvis Night and all the boys were decked out in specialty jerseys which would be auctioned off after the game to raise funds for the different projects the team supports during the on and off season. 

We had played this team the previous week and beat them 3-2 in an exciting shootout and afterwards their coach, in a newspaper interview had some really UGLY things to say, not only about his players but the "lack of talent" of the RiverKing players..... well that really steamed me up.  After us winning the game 2-1 I, being the sweet person I am walked over to the rail and yelled "No Talent, huh ... look at the score board" ... and this little weasel took a break from screaming profanities at his players to scream at me "F_ _ k You" .... boy was I ever shocked.  I know there are specific things in the SPHL rule book about the Code of Conduct of the players on and off the ice while interacting with the fans, but I am interested to know if they apply to the coaches ...???

OH WELL .... he is a jerk.... and it isn't like that is a word I have never heard before (or used frequently).

Anyway .... back to those jerseys !!! I was determined to not be outbid on Peter's so I just couldn't keep my hand down ...AND I WON !!


I sure I paid way too much for it, but hey it's a tax deduction !!

5.  On Sunday Christine gathered her brood and was going to return to Casa de Jackson to watch the 2nd matchup between these 2 teams in as many days, but this time down at the Cajun Dome via Neulion.  Her little girl was sick and running a fever so she just kept heading south taking the germs with her.... The Albros, Anisha and two other friends, Kent & Frankie joined us and watched Peter and the team get a GREAT SECOND win against this ASSHOLE COACHES TEAM ... Dan Delisle got a hat trick and Sean Jones scored 2 goals for his first multi-goal game of the season.  Peter stopped 21 of 25 shots on goal and the rest of the team got 6 of 28 shots past their net minder to give them a 6 - 2 win for the night. 

Well sports fans, I guess that is all the news that is news for now.  Jere woke up this morning and his head cold has moved south into his chest so he moped around for a bit, had a cup of coffee and called in sick.  He has now returned to the cave and buried himself in bed.  I don't expect to see him for 5-6 hours, so I'm gonna fire up Netflix and get more spheres stitched.

Till next time,




  1. Wow! Sounds like you have plenty of options to keep you busy this year! Without even spending any money! Good luck!!

    Also, those colors are awesome, what a great project that will be!

    1. Brenda, if you are talking about the color for Mystic Lavender, yes they are really pretty IRL ... and I have fallen in LOVE with silk ... just wish my pocket book could handle it :) I can't wait to start "We'd Turn Back" which is a "Wizard of Oz" themed piece stitched in Belle Soie silks ... They feel like butter in your hands !!! (and cost a small fortune) !