Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby ... It's COLD outside !!!

.... When my feet hit the floor this morning, I was so thankful there was carpet in the bedroom.  But as I ventured out into the hall, my bare feet hit the hardwood floor and BRRRR.... ice cubes !!! I stumbled into the kitchen to get coffee started and heard the tick tack of little feet and Amy looked at me like "well, aren't you gonna let me out to pee ???"

AND BAM ..... the blast of cold air went straight through me to the bone !!! FIVE DEGREE FERIENHEIT temps today with an expected high of TWENTY SIX....
If I didn't have plans to meet my friend Cheryl at the Methodist church in Hernando this morning for a quilting class she is taking and then help her set up a blog I would go crawl back in bed and thaw out my frozen toes!!!

I did spend yesterday all piled up in the new Laz-e-Boy with Downton Abby on the tube and stitched.  We had the heat wave of the week as temps got up to 31 but it isn't supposed to get above freezing until Sunday.  At least we don't have to deal with that nasty S word this week!!!

Here is where I stopped when the disastrous hockey game came on at 7:05.  I may post an update about that later, but just wanted to share another hint (pic) of what I am stitching this week.

Can you guess what it is yet?
Till next time,


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