Friday, January 23, 2015

The Momma Dog !!

..... Yesterday was quilt class day in Hernando.  I headed out around 8:30 to make the 9:00 class and left  The Mr. in bed sick.  I know, I should have skipped class and been a good little wife and stayed home to nurse him back to health, but hey, there are more important things in life...

This is the fabric I had to construct a "Log Cabin" quilt....

So.... yesterday I got all my stuff out to work on piecing the blocks together using the gold fabric as sashing and then proceeded to cut the strips for the border.  now mind you the constructed blocks make a 46" X 72" quilt top.  I purchased 2 yards of that pretty red fabric on top for the border.

TWO yards of 45" wide fabric (36") X 2 = 72" ... which WOULD have given me the perfect length for the side borders IF it hadn't shrunk by 1" when I washed it AND IF I had cut it right in the first place.  NATURALLY I measured twice and cut once.  I just had it turned the wrong way and cut it selvedge to selvedge instead of Lengthwise.  SO... off I went to JoAnn's (35 miles away) to purchase more fabric for the border.

Two hours later, after washing & drying the additional fabric, I did manage to this time cut correctly and after adding the border this is where I am.

After class, Shirley and I went for our typical Mexican lunch and again I headed to JoAnn's for MORE fabric for the binding, quilt batting and pins to "baste" the whole thing together at next weeks class. 

Now mind you, the quilt top is constructed of several different cuts of plaid flannel with a mottled gold cotton sashing and red with gold dotted binding.  For the backing I have is this cute ....

.... farm animal print (cows, chickens, sheep, pigs) so what to add for the binding ????

..... why not black fabric with tiny white polka dots ?

How cute is that ?

HOMEWORK:  make "bias" binding from the black/white dot fabric.

In the mail I also received the pattern from Nicole for the February SAL (Stitch-A-Long).  The chart says:

"Cross Stitch is the act of sewing thousands of tiny kisses onto fabric" ~ Author Unknown

As you can see in this snap ....

..... I have selected a pretty rose color evenweave fabric and some yummy silk Waterlilies hand-dyed thread in Mulberry.

At 5:30 the RiverKings were at Fazolli's for the 2nd Sign & Dine of the season, and THE MOMMA DOG aka Julie was in town (from Ontario) visiting the Hockey Son.  She has claim to him as his REAL mom!  We had such a GREAT TIME!!!  While the guys were at their table interacting with the fans that showed up, Julie and I had a good visit and chat about our guy.  (No, I will not reveal any secrets she shared) but leave it to say, we have a lot in common and had a great chat.  Peter had already bribed his mom into dinner at Red Lobster, so I tagged along and we had another hour of fun watching Peter put away a big plate of crab legs.

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, but Julie is going to be here until Sunday, so snaps to follow.

I did manage to get a few stitches in on Sleepy Hollow, but not before I ended up with this:

After picking for about 10 minutes, I gave up and cut the knot out....

Then got this far before my eyes were crossing with sleep and I hit the sack.

I spent the last 2 hours this morning (Friday) on line trying to get my "Cloud" straightened out with Verizon.  I do love my mobile service with Verizon, however, their website is so NOT user friendly.  I am pretty tech savvy  but somehow I deleted my entire "Cloud" account and after online chatting with one of their reps, I finally gave up.  THAT will be another day's challenge.

I am now starving, and as The Mr. just wandered in (feeling a bit better) I guess I need to get up from here and rustle up something for lunch.

On tap for tonight I will be venturing down to the "barn" again to see the RiverKings take on the RiverMen in their first match-up of the season on home ice.  Jere will be at the club for a Racquetball tournament so I believe Julie will occupy his seat and get initiated into the Hockey Family.

Detail to come .....

Till next time


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