Thursday, January 29, 2015

THURSDAY again .....

.... I guess it's about time for another update on the life and times of ME.

When I left you last Friday, I was about to rustle up some lunch for Mr. Sleepy head, which turned out to be Tuna Salad sandwiches.  After lunch, I finished up on laundry & a few housework things then I headed to Southaven for Hockey and Jere went to the club to run a friend's annual Racquetball tournament.

I guess the Peoria Rivermen were a bit upset that the Kings won 2 of 3 games when we met in their barn two weeks ago because they came out with a vengeance.  While the penalty minutes were pretty low and  even (10 for Kings, 12 for Rivermen) the Ref Mike Sheehan in his typical fashion failed to see  TOTALLY disregarded I know of 4 BIG penalties one of which was an Interference call AND called off a goal scored against Peoria.  The Kings, were way off and lethargic throughout all 60 minutes of play and even though we out shot them 42 - 31 we suffered a 4-1 loss.  Coach had given them off on Monday for the MLK Holiday and called off practice for Tuesday morning which I believe played a major factor in the outcome.

Peter's mom, Julie AKA The Momma Dog joined us at the game and we had a great time watching Adam in the net.  She told me that since Peter would be in net the next night she would probably sit up top.  It seems that she has a tendency to throw up when she watches her boy play.... nervous stomach I suppose.  

Saturday's game the teams looked like TWO DIFFERENT TEAMS !! Our guys dug in and played a hard sixty minutes and gave us quite a show.  Peoria played DIRTY.  The penalty minutes (13 -19) included a fight, check to the head, unsportsmanlike conduct and abuse of an Official.  (The fight was quite good though with Luke Warner knocking some sense into Alex Hudson)

Warner vs Hudson 1-24-2015

True to her word, The Momma Dog perched high up on the very top row during the game, but boy was she loud !!! I kept hearing "MOVE THE PUCK" ---and I do believe her little 5 foot nothing inch frame was much louder than Anisha's (and they can hear her across the arena).

The post-game party that night was very lively and I also met another fan of Peter's from when he played in Pensacola.

Sunday we planned to take Peter & Julie out on the town and show them a little of Memphis food and culture.  Originally I planned to take them to The Rendezvous for some Memphis Style Ribs and ambiance followed by a carriage ride through the streets of Downtown Memphis.  WELL, those plans were shot to hell when I found that The Rendezvous is closed on Sunday & Monday AND after calling about the carriage ride for that night and being assured they would pick us up at the restaurant we selected, I was told (when I called that evening) that no one had carriages out that night .... HARRUMPH .....

HOWEVER, I am actually very happy that things didn't work out for Rendezvous because I discovered a WONDERFUL place up on the third floor above BB King's on Beale. Itta Bena.

OMG .... this place is phenomenal.  The atmosphere was wonderful, service excellent and the food was TO DIE FOR.  I have had a lot of Salmon in my life but this dish was just indescribable. - Grilled with a yummy creamy sauce perched on top of wild rice pilaf and grilled green beans!!! There was also Steak, Red Snapper and Steak and Lobster for the other 3 diners and according to the table all were prepared to perfection.  This place will definitely be a go to place for fine dining in the future !!!

After dinner, we strolled Beale Street and checked out some to the gift shops where Julie found her Elvis sunglasses and fake sideburns for her husband and picked up a few other souvenirs for the family.

Flash forward to Tuesday and the Face Off Field Trip between The Mississippi RiverKings and The Columbus Cottonmouths.  Not only was the arena lively with a reported attendance of 5,632 (at least 5,600 of those being school kids) but the game was EXCITING !!! The boys came out ALIVE and had the Snakes down 5 - 0 when they finally snuck one past Adam at the 3:38 mark of the 3rd period ending the game in a 5 - 1 win putting the Kings in a 3 way tie for 4th place and just 4 points out of 1st (can we say PLAYOFFS ???)

There was a couple of funny (odd) things happen during the bgame.  1.  Everyone thought with Columbus down 3-0 at the end of the 1st period that they had gotten on the bus and headed for home when they didn't return to the ice at the end of the period break.  Well finally they trickled in and I found it strange they weren't called for a delay of game penalty. AND 2.  When Devin Mantha smashed his 2nd goal of the game past Loewen in the second period, Loewen ripped off his mask and slammed it on the ice breaking it.  (which should ALSO have been a delay of game penalty).  They worked on that damn mask 3 times during the remaining duration of the game and I still don't know if it ever got fixed. (BIG BABY) .....

Today was Quilt Class Thursday and I took one of my pseudo-granddaughters, Elizabeth Ann AKA Sam with me to expose her to some of my craft.  She is home-schooled and she and her mom Reba thought she could use some HomeEc.   She had a great time and I had me a gofer.  We got a sashing added to the backing fabric (which was about 3 inches too narrow before that addition) and will get it pin basted this week to sart the actual quilting next week.  Lunch afterwards at La Siesta was yummy as usual .....

On the cross stitching front, I got the head added to the Horses Ass and began stitching the Headless Horseman's ass.  It is really starting to take shape.

So ... I guess that brings you, my one or two faithful readers up to date.  It is about time for The Mr. to arrive home and I guess I need to go think about what to do about dinner.

Until next time,


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