Friday, January 16, 2015

That darn mystery .....

..... if you guessed Glendon Place "Sleepy Hollow" ... you are correct.

Way back in October,  2010, my hubby, Jere asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Well, I had several cross stitch patterns I had been drooling over (plus Halloween was coming up) so I created a document on my computer and listed several patterns and fabrics (smart girl that I am I included DETAILS about the patterns/fabrics and links to where he could go online and order them) In early November, I emailed the list to him and boy did he do GOOD.  He gave me this chart pack with the linen to stitch it as well as Glenda's "Witches Wheel" with fabric and Prairie Moon's "We'd Turn Back" with fabric.  My stitching mojo disappeared for a couple of years around mid-2011 so they sat in my stash box until I got the Witches Wheel out in mid 2014 and completed it in October.

It is still unframed but by far the most interesting piece I have stitched ever.  I did take it to a framer to get an estimate and ~ whew ~ I'm going to have to mortgage the house to get it framed the way I want it ...(triple mat to match the beads, along with an interesting wood frame).. ~ Anyone want to donate to the cause ~ ??? I can set up a GoFundMe !!!

The Prairie Moon calls for Belle Soie silk threads and after pondering several other options, I decided that until I was able to get the silk, I wouldn't stitch it.  Well, fortunately for me, Jere paid off my credit cards in early December and my LNS had a 25% off year-end clearance sale the last week of December, so ~ BAM ~ Belle Soie silks are in my possession !!! This will probably be my next start.

But I have regressed.

GP Sleepy Hollow has been in the qSnaps since January 6th and here is where the needle stopped Tuesday:

I fondly am calling it my "horses ass" ....

Yesterday, I was all over Memphis running errands and hunting down fabric and such to create something for little Wesley (my soon to be new grandson!)  His mommy, Mallory has chosen elephants as a theme for the nursery and I did order fabric for a quilt (pic on previous post) which came in on Tuesday, but as good as I am  ~ slow as I sew ~ I will not be able to get it finished in time for this Saturday's baby shower being given by Robbie's aunt.  SO ~ I found a free tutorial & pattern for a car seat/carrier cover (you know, you throw it over the car seat/carrier when you get it out of the car to keep the little bugger warm) ... WELL ... Hancock was having a 75% off sale for fleece and I found this:

How cute are those elephants ??? And the tiny polka dot flannel will be perfect for the inside !! The only problem of the day was I found the perfect cording for the project at the 1st Hancock I went to, but they only had 1 yard.  After the very sweet sales lady was in hold hell with another store for 10+ minutes, I decided that since I was going in the general area of the WolfChase store, I would just stop by .... well .... they had this cord in EVERY COLOR BUT blue !!! I got all my other errands finished and decided one more stop to the Raleigh store wouldn't hurt AND THEY HAD IT !! A whole bolt !! AND it was on sale for $1.00/yard (originally $3.99/yard) ... boy did I hit pay dirt, since the project calls for 8 yards (a savings of $24.00 !!!!!)

This will be my project this afternoon and tomorrow!

I am attending a free quilt class on Thursday mornings with a friend at church in Hernando (30 miles away) and the project for this week was to put together a log cabin block.  Just one.  Well being a bit OCD I decided that if I was going to do one block, I could do enough to at least make something with them.  So I dug through my huge box of fabric and came up with 2 "jewel" packs of some plaid flannel.  (How warm would a lap quilt be made of flannel ??) While I did get the fabric washed and cut, I only got 7 of the 13 strips pieced together for today's class ...

And look at this cute farm animal print I had for the back !!!

I may have to purchase some more plaid fabric to complete the remaining 6 strips, but hey, Hancock has their flannel on sale for 75% off too.

Last night the Hockey son and rest of the team were at Dale's Restaurant for a "Sign & Dine".  Not a lot to report on things but it was really good to see Peter after a long dry spell with the week long road trip.  Home play resumes tomorrow night, so I am sure I will have lots to report on Sunday.

Gotta go .... it is 7:30 and i have to be in quilt class by 9:00.

Till next time


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  1. Lovely post Cindi. The quilt is very pretty and I love your "horses ass".