Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday ... Again !

...........and such a busy weekend it was .....

When I left ya'll on Thursday, I was about to head to Hernando for my quilting class.  Well, I made in on time, for the first time :) !!  Some worked on getting their fabric cut and a couple manned the sewing machines and pieced our already cut blocks together.  I got to strip # 9 and realized that I didn't have enough fabric to complete the 15" squares I wanted.  So on the way home, I stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics and found 2 pretty pieces of fabric ~ a red and a gold that would co-ordinate perfect with what I had.

This project will be put on the back burner until later this week.

Friday after my morning coffee I got to cracking on the baby seat blanket I was making for Mallory's shower gift and WOW ... it turned out SO CUTE!!! 

Label printed on fabric !!!   

Hockey Friday night was the first meeting between the RiverKings and Fayetteville FireAntz.  The two teams swapped the lead during the 1st period ending with a 3-2 with the Antz on top.  Then when they came out for the 2nd period our boys never gave the Antz another chance to score.  Adam saved 25 of  28 shots on goal and the Kings netted 5 of the 40 shots they fired giving them a 5-3 win, putting them up past Fayetteville into 6th place (can we say Playoffs ???).  !!!

A friend of Jere's passed away last week so Saturday morning we attended the memorial service in Germantown.  It was the second time I have been to a Catholic funeral and had forgotten how many times you were up and down ... singing songs, praying ..... whew and it was almost 2 hours long... but was a really nice service for a wonderful man.

I delivered Jere back home and dashed back east to Collierville for Mallory's baby shower getting lost and arriving 30 minutes late.... but what a nice party it was.  There was lots of snacks, a few typical baby shower games and such nice gifts she got !!! 

Near the end, some of the guys showed up and look at these great looking boys, their brides and those darling baby bumps.

Robbie, Mallory, Chelsea, Ned

Proud Granna !

Another trip north to pick up Jere for the hockey game that night and we were heading south to the Landers Center.  

It was my night to work at the Booster Club table, so I missed the first 2 periods of the game, which included a couple of pretty good fights (Sheldrake, a former RiverKing is playing for the Fayetteville FireAntz and got in a tussle with Mike Grace), Peter taking 3 past him into the net to give the Antz a 3-0 lead, Adam replacing Peter in the net as goalie and the Kings ending the 2nd period down 3-2.  WELL, all they needed is me down on the glass to get the score even at 5-5 ending regulation play .  Then 2.27 minutes into overtime, Leo slapped one in to give the guys a 6-5 win.  

Sunday morning we met the kids and my brother & sis-in-law, along with Kristin & Brandon and Kasey at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. YUMMY !!!

Isn't this a cute pic of Kristin & Brandon ???

After breakfast I dashed to Kroger to pick up stuff for my famous Cheese Dip and some fruit for the watch party at Casa Jackson of the afternoon match-up between the Kings and Huntsville Havoc.  The Hockey family (along with 3 of the pseudo-grands came over and the boys added another win to the history books taking the Havoc 2-1.  With Peter working his magic in the net he stopped 26 of 27 shots putting another win under his belt. 

And .... its Monday ......

This is the first year Jere's company, Ducks Unlimited has observed Martin Luther King day as a company holiday, so he is off.....(and of course still snoozing at 9:03)....

On tap for today is to pick Peter up, go to lunch, let him get a little shopping in and then hang out at Casa Jackson until time for the coach's show tonight at Maria's Cantina. 

Check back tomorrow for a report on today's events ......

Till next time


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